Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Denver Post-Party Summit
Questions? Call: 720-560-2937
The Post-Party Summits will be one of the most meaningful things you do for liberty this year. We have brought together some of the country's best in messaging, political organizing, leadership training, new media, etc. to offer each of you the opportunity to move beyond protest to implementing freedom. The tools are essential. We cannot sit on the sidelines anymore in the fight for freedom. Join with us, attend the Post-Party Summit in Denver, CO.
The Post-Party Summits represent the beginning of the new American Revolution, one in which we organize for liberty and take back our communities from the political class. Each event is designed to maximize your time and provide you with real-world strategies and tactics that you can apply immediately. Now is your time.
Event Schedule*
5:30pm- Registration begins
6:30pm- Dinner, with guest speakers Rob Witwer, author of How Democrats Won Colorado (and Why Republicans Should Care, and Erick Erickson of
8:30- General Session: Understanding the System
9:45am- Workshops offered:
Building Effective Coalitions (Matt Pinnell)
Creative Process (Hermann Eben)
Voter Registration 101: Registration Drives (Bridget Blanton)
11:00am- Workshops offered:
Patriots 2.0 (Beka Romm)
Running for Office 1 (Drew Ryun)
Investigative Journalism 101 (Todd Shepherd)
12pm- Lunch
1:30pm- Workshops offered:
Hardwiring Precincts (Drew Ryun)
Running for Office 2 (Ned Ryun)
Voter Registration 210: Recognizing and Preventing Voter Fraud (Bridget Blanton)
2:45pm- Workshops offered:
Blogs and Wikis (Beka Romm)
Investigative Journalism 201 (Todd Shepherd)
4:00pm- Workshops offered:
Online Image Management (Beka Romm)
Fundraising 101 (TBD)
Thank You to Our Regional Co-Sponsors:
Fort Collins 9.12, Northern Colorado Tea Party, The Evergreen/Conifer Tea Party, Hear Us Now!, and Liberty On The Rocks - Colorado

Additional information:
*Fee will increase to $80 at the door for walk-ins.
*Pre-registration will end at 5pm Thursday, April 29. All registrations after this time must be processed at the door.
* Please bring your confirmation with you to the door.
*For additional information or over the phone registration, please call 720-560-2937.


Arizona Office of Tourism
1110 W. Washington Street, Suite 155
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Phone: 602-364-3700
Fax: 602-364-3701
Toll-free visitor information: 1-866-275-5816

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have learned more about how to make my dreams reality from "Action Coach" Chuck Kocher than any other person I have ever met. Chuck is inviting you to hear one of the top business coaches in the world FOR FREE.

Business is Booming with Brad Sugars
Come learn 28 proven and successful business strategies to massively grow your business, and establish your vision and drive to take your business to the next level, including:
·How to multiply the number of customers, revenues & profits

·How to master your profit margins-

·How to take immediate control of your cash flow (discover new tools and templates

·How to retain customers for 2-3 times longer than you can today

·How to avoid 4 common mistakes in advertising

·How to manage your team in a downturn and keep them motivated

·How to map out a plan for the next quarter and more…

When: Thursday, April 29th
Where: Colorado Convention Center
Time: 6:00 p.m. Networking, 6:30 - 9:30pm Presentation

The Business Is Booming Tour is an “Invitation Only” event. A limited number of places are available, and demand will be high. You may bring a guest.
CLICK HERE TO RSVP NOW to avoid missing out

When Registering On-line Enter Ticket Code: CWK001 for FREE TICKETS

Chuck Kocher
6455 North Union Boulevard
Suite 201
Colorado Springs
Colorado 80918
United States

Monday, April 19, 2010


You heard Bob Garner on the local history segment of the Saturday Morning Show a few weeks ago. This sunday he will have a free screening and discussion of a documentary that the family of Walt Disney asked him to produce/direct on the life of Walt Disney. It should be a great event.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Please go to this website

to sighn a petition supporting John Suthers and his efforts to undo the Obama Healthcare Plan in Colorado.

We truly appreciate your courage and conviction in helping the people of Colorado say "NO" to an over-reaching, unchecked federal government that has forgotten its place, role and enumerated powers. Thank you for defending the U. S. Constitution and the citizens of Colorado. You appear to be one of the few elected officials currently in our state upholding your oath of office and following the principles that founded our great nation. Since our Governor and majority of the Colorado General Assembly disagree with you on this issue, we are especially grateful that you are representing the interests of the people of Colorado.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Thanks for the invite to do this year's keynote address.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Spent a GREAT night with an old friend at a concert at the Black Rose Acoustic Society in the Black Forest on Friday night. Years ago I was in a band called "The Coyotes". We were pretty sure we were the next Eagles or Poco. Fate had other ideas. After about four years we all went our own ways. I went to television, one went to Nashville and played with Bryan White, etc... Lead singer and guitarist Rich Prezioso married former Renaissance Festival Queen of Tarts, Jacquie Manning and formed Small Potatoes. They spend most of the year touring the U.S. with one or two appearances in Colorado. It was a very welcome break from the stress and tension that fills all of our lives. We caught up on old times... had a mini-reunion (we called a third member to talk a little before the show) and visited with "Richard Randall Show" listeners who have very good taste in music. I HIGHLY suggest checking our Small Potatoes at their website or you can download their music from etc. Old photos are from the original Coyotes recording at Lake Point Towers in Chicago... new photos are from Black Forest on Friday night. Good times.

They say the nicest things...

“Small Potatoes might well be leading mainstays of the folk scene for many years to come.”
Mike Regenstreif
Sing Out Magazine

“[Waltz of the Wallflowers] is smart, funny, wistful, hip -- crosses many msical boundaries (traditional, Celtic, jazz, even American theater) --is beautifully and simply produced. The first song on this album is so won't find anything better than this -- it's up there with the best Rodgers & Hammerstein songs you've ever heard.”
Christine Lavin

“They’ll never open for me again!”
Cliff Eberhardt

“There aren’t many groups, folk or otherwise, with a broader range than these tater tots, but Small Potatoes can turn heads with more than just its range. The duo brings an impressive mastery of detail to each gen re...Small Potatoes is obviously steeped in the tradition of the entire folk spectrum.”
Rick Reger
Chicago Tribune

“I've never been so fascinated by a singing duo. They’re original, funny, energetic, profound, always respectful of the music but always daring to try new things. When they get their hands on music, rhythmically and harmonically, it just takes off. The audience here loves them. It’s a stand-up-and-shout kind of love.”
Phee Sherline
San Diego Folk Heritage Society, San Diego, CA

“Small Potatoes did one of the best shows we have ever had at the Rouse House Concerts. Many of our regulars believe it was THE best show they have seen - bar none! They are great.”
Bruce Rouse
Rouse House Concerts, Austin, TX

“Take a bunch of styles of acoustic, folk, western, blues and swing, add very hot guitar work, and vocals so tight you need WD-40 to get them apart, and you have what Rich and Jacquie dazzle audiences with. They perform wonderful covers, and award winning originals (98 Kerrville Songwriting winners), and are wonderful people to boot! ”
Tom Otte
Fondy Acoustic Music Alliance, Fond du Lac, WI

“SPUDS rule!”
Meredith Carson
Swallow Hill Music Assoc., Denver, CO




Colorado Springs, CO - The El Paso County Republicans held their annual Lincoln Dinner March 20, 2010 at the Doubletree Hotel. The record attendance included more than 400 enthusiastic Republicans and a host of local and statewide candidates who were welcomed by Republican County Chairman Kay Rendleman. El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Bob Balink entertained the crowd and served as the Master of Ceremonies.

Special guests, President and Mrs. Abraham Lincoln (portrayed by Lincoln historians John and Pamela Voehl), kicked off the evening and were appropriately escorted onto the stage by Secret Service personnel with a musical accompaniment of "Hail to the Chief". The President recited the 1893 Gettysburg Address. Rendleman said with a smile, "We're grateful that President Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, could take time out of their busy schedules to stop by the dinner. We thank the President for giving this particular speech, one that we as Republicans recognize for its importance including its statements for government of the people, by the people and for the people."

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers and statewide candidates for U.S. Senate and Governor, energized the crowd before the keynote speech of State Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry with all speaking about Republican unity in 2010. U.S. Representative Doug Lamborn was unable to attend due to his work schedule in Washington, D.C. on the healthcare debate and vote. The Congressman addressed the crowd via video, reporting on the fight to prevent government takeover of healthcare. Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele also addressed the group via video to encourage a focus toward invigoration of the Republican Party.

KVOR radio personality, Richard Randall, served as auctioneer for the live auction. He created excitement and competition, helping generate thousands of dollars in combined bids for the three live auction items.

Annual awards were presented by the local GOP leadership by Chairman Rendleman, Vice Chairman -more-

Darryl Glenn and Secretary Nancy Meadows. "This is an opportunity to thank those individuals in our local GOP who embody conservative principles and work everyday as volunteers," said Rendleman. "This allows us to leverage our resources and help support Republican candidates for office."

Precinct Leader of the Year: Dennis Moore was recognized for his grassroots volunteer efforts. "Dennis just sees a job that needs to be done and steps up to do it," Rendleman said. "His work has continually energized our local GOP volunteers while focusing on campaign teamwork and coordination. In addition, Dennis' community outreach skills travel beyond partisan circles where he has earned the nickname as 'Mr. Neighborhood Watch'."

Volunteer of the Year: Shirley Martin received the award for her long hours, hard-work and dedication she provided to the Republican Party during the past year in preparing the new GOP headquarters. Rendleman said, "Shirley is a dynamo when it comes to volunteering. Her positive attitude and organizational skills have kept the office humming even during a recent move. Her gift of time, talent and energy cross all aspects of supporting local Republicans."

Republican of the Year: El Paso County Commissioner Sallie Clark was thanked for working tirelessly to promote the Party at community events, helping to recruit candidates, offering advice and supporting the county Party's strategic planning efforts. "How do I describe this year's recipient?," said Rendleman. "Tenacious, loyal, dedicated, articulate, persistent? You see her at most every meeting throughout the county - and not just Republican events. Even with her busy schedule she's been there when we needed her."

Chairman's Award: Judy Mulligan received the award for her service as a multifaceted volunteer. "Judy is being recognized for volunteering at the headquarters almost daily, ensuring that the headquarters is a welcoming place for all our volunteers," Rendleman said. "She has also led the successful Lincoln Dinner committee for the El Paso County Republicans for the last three years and raised thousands of dollars for the Party - all accomplished with enthusiasm and dedication."

Each year, the Lincoln Dinner is the major fundraising gala for the El Paso County Republicans, which operates only on locally raised funds. According to local GOP chairman Kay Rendleman, the event is named after the 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, symbolizing the message of freedom that he provided to the nation during his presidency.