Monday, August 3, 2009


The event will be in Pueblo on Thursday night. Rally starts at 6:00 p.m. at 9th and Main in front of the "new" Health Center.


Betsy said...

Boy, this is a real problem. Why? Because you are not telling the truth about the health care public option. But what's new with you and your program.

richard randall said...

Please Betsy... it is sort of like calling me a liar. If you think I am, please let me know what it is I said. I'm a big kid. Was called a racist today in the halls of the station for mentioning that the President might think about proving he really was born in the u.s.

Betsy said...

Richard, generally speaking, Republicans want to put fear into people on this issue. And you are really no different. For instance, to say that the public option will put to death senior citizens is absolutely ludicrous. If any of you would actually take the time to read the parts of the bill that you all misrepresent, maybe you would change your mind. But personally I think it's the Republican way to constantly push misinformation to the public. You people are fueling all of this dissent with talking points that are wrong. It's all factless. You try and put fear into people so that they will go after their Congressmen and Senators. Of course we have a Congressman who agrees with you. And he lies about all of this big time.

And since you brought it up in your post, I will say that most people that are running around saying that Obama wasn't born in the US are desperate to find anything to disqualify him for the Presidency. I wouldn't call you racist but I sure would call you desperate. Although your comments about Michelle Obama could be construed as racist. They are false and misleading. In my book she's a very classy lady. And a great role model. By the way, what you have stated she said, YOU took out of context.

Here is an article debunking all of the birthers myths. That is of course if you are really interested in the truth.

I know you are a conservative Republican but please get your facts straight.

By the way, I am a very disenchanted moderate Republican who finds that the party has gone so far right it's totally unacceptable to me. I'm not a liberal and wouldn't register as a democrat. At least I can hope that the Republicans put up some moderate candidates that will bring all republicans back. Until that time I fear you all will not stay a very strong party. In fact I think you will end up the minority party behind the Independents and the Dems.

But that's another post for another day. Thanks for answering me.

Betsy said...

By the way, AARP is for the Public option for health care.

Question I have for you is do you feel it's okay for someone with a family to go without health care because the premiums are so high they can't afford it? And if you don't think it's okay, then what would you suggest for that family.

The only thing I see wrong with the health care bill is that it needs something in there to protect the doctor from dubious malpractice suits.

And by the way, all this bs about Canadians not happy with their health care, well I've talked to many because we have friends that live there, and they are very happy with their health care. It's a myth that they have to wait for serious surgery or treatment for a serious illness.

We are the only free country in the world that does not have a Universal Health care plan and it's time we get one. And that's not socialism. If it is then all military both active and retired are participating in social medicine. And I guess the senior citizens are too.

And in case you are interested it isn't giving healthcare to illegals and there are no abortions either. So I think that all of you who are trying to stop the public option are spinning your wheels with a lot of misinformation, or lies which ever you want to call it.

Betsy said...

Last Saturday morning you again attacked Michelle O on her salaries for her staff. I guess when you attack someone as long as you don't read the truth you can continue the attacks.
Sorry Richard, I'm so appalled at your lack of true knowledge, it's very depressing that people like you are allowed on the radio to spew hatred towards people that are truly good in every sense.

Here is a link for you to get the truth about Michelle's staffs salary. Be sure to read it please because it shows that Laura Bush had about the same. Are you going to criticize her? Of course not because you weren't interested in spewing negativity about her.

And by the way, if you have never been to fact check, you should look different things up that you think are true. This is a nonpartisan site that keeps the rumors straight.