Saturday, October 17, 2009


Contact: Nicholas Gray – President/CEO, NG Enterprises LLC
Phone: 719-433-7755
Location: Plaza of the Rockies, South Tower
121 South Tejon Street, Suite 1107, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Colorado Springs, CO (July 13, 2009) — NG Enterprises, founded by Nicholas Gray, a former sergeant in the Army who served in Iraq, is pleased to present our four divisions of services to assist veterans and non-veterans alike in the Pikes Peak region.

The four divisions include Veterans, Finance, Lending and Franchise Brokerage Divisions are:

Veterans Division
Veterans 2 Business is an organization that was founded by Nicholas A. Gray, President & CEO of NG Enterprises, LLC. Veterans 2 Business has working relationships with over 300 franchises in more than 30 industries that are part of the VET-FRAN program which honor veterans with significant discounts into franchise ownership.

Finance Division
Assisting fiscally responsible individuals into financial freedom by providing a variety of services to business and home owners in order to become either business-debt, or mortgage-free in half to one third of the time by utilizing revolutionary software that acts as a web-based cash flow management system without changing ones budget.

Lending Division
Providing a myriad of funding solutions for any entrepreneur with the drive and desire for business success. We’re able to assist with rolling over a 401k, IRA, or any other retirement account into a business venture while avoiding paying penalties & taxes. Traditional & non-traditional funding also available.

Franchise Brokerage Division
A division that has representation of over 300 franchises, in more than 30 industries, which assists in finding the right business/franchise for people based on their skills, goals, investment range, and geographic location. We do this at no cost to you, as we are paid by a particular Franchisor only if and when you sign a Franchise Agreement with them.
Nicholas Gray said, “When I left the military in November of 07’ after having served in the Army in Iraq and Korea, I was troubled with the little help that was offered to the exiting military members into entrepreneurship. Everything was about getting a job. I knew I couldn’t be the only one seeking self employment. I began to seek others who could provide me with assistance in starting my own company. I felt that Colorado Springs would allow me to accomplish my goals, while being able to live in a community that would support those same goals. I have a growing business that is helping veterans and non-veterans into business ownership. “
In March of 2008 the company NG Enterprises, LLC was formed with the intent to help facilitate entrepreneurship to the average American while giving them the greatest chance of success. In the process of researching entrepreneurship, it was found that franchising had a far better success rate when compared to the traditional startup. The US Chamber of Commerce found that 97% of all franchises were still open for business after five years, while 87% being under the same ownership.
In September of 2008 the Finance division was rolled out to assist fiscally responsible individuals into financial freedom. Paying off your mortgage, business loans, & debts suddenly became a reality for many.
In November of 2008 the Lending Division was launched to assist our clients’ monetary needs. Traditional & Non-traditional funding along with 401K & IRA rollovers were the vehicles used to make this possible.
In January of 2009, the Veterans Division was added to the company with its sole purpose being to help veterans into business ownership at discounted pricing via franchising. In addition to the Veterans Division a Finance Division was launched to help with the funding process.

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