Thursday, May 27, 2010

Action Coach Update

Each week on the Saturday Morning Show (6-8am) we get great advice from Action Coach Chuck Kocher. He has a FANTASTIC new offer starting this weekend!

Starting on Saturday, May 29th, Chuck is offering a 1 hour complimentary coaching session for all qualified business owners, in this session Chuck guarantees that you will identify significant and specific ways to grow your business in the areas of Time, Team, and Money. To set up this meeting, call Rhonda at 487-1899, this offer is good through July 31st. One person who meets with Chuck will also receive a free 1 year pass to the ActionCoach Growth Club with 4 quarterly all-day planning events!

Chuck Kocher is all of the right stuff, he's helping me out tremendously and he'll help you out too! Find out more information on Chuck at