Thursday, November 18, 2010


I DID get a security scan this afternoon. The process was very short and simple. The staff was great. The image not one I was concerned about them looking at, but not so sure I would want the entire photo online so I cropped the top half. Keep in mind that this type of scanner is not at all as detailed as the type that TSA is using at several of the airports, but it is what you can elect to use at the Courthouse here in Colorado Springs.

Notice you can see my man/nipple.... so just how would you feel if instead of me someone was looking at FEMALES: You. MALES: your mom, wife, daughter, girlfriend, neighbor, co-worker, etc. just saying. Below the waist... wasn't willing to go there. Just saysin'

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RandomMusings said...

I understand you probably don't want your "personals" in full display but
let's see the "full body" scan. Just showing the top half of a man doesn't count. People need to get the complete story.

If these scanners are using computerized systems capable of storage, I'm betting some images are retainable. And blurring can easily be removed. Plus if these scanners are networked that leaves even more possibility to have images improperly accessed. Who knows what agencies or deviants would have access to them.