Monday, December 6, 2010

Pear Harbor Anniversary Event

Hi all, On Dec. 7th,Pearl Harbor day the Peak Grill again will be offering a FREE lunch or breakfast for all WWII /Korean war veterans at 11am.The Peak Grill is on Centennial Blvd for those of you who have not been to the Restaurant. This is the first anniversary of our WWII/Korean war luncheons that I have been involved with at the Peak Grill so please come and help us celebrate with songs from each of our veterans branch of service and come and say Hello to these brave veterans of old. Some of our new visitors will be a group from Ft.Carson [I am told about 40 or 50 young soldiers] who want to come out and meet some of our older veterans. Plus a group from NORAD also will be joining us that we met on our recent NORAD tour.

Anyone with a Legacy Medallion please remember to wear it to this luncheon for a group picture and to show others this great Medallion . And please bring an old war photo of yourself. Thanks to all and God bless. See you all on Dec. 7th at 11am . If you have a uniform please don't forget to wear it otherwise your hats will do ! Jane

Jane Rodgers
1098 Fontmore Rd. #C
Colorado Springs, Colorado,80904

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