Friday, January 21, 2011


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1. Why did loyal Britons, who happened to be living far from the "motherland" in the colonies, decide to become independent?

2. What was signing the Declaration of Independence really like for Ben and the others?

3. Was George Washington a good leader for our troops? Could we have won the war without him?

4. In what way was this Revolutionary War a "civil war?"

5. OK, so after we declared our independence, then what happened and what was Ben's role?

6. How did the Constitution come to be written? What was new about it and what was Ben's role?

7. What didn't get done or wasn't done well enough?

and an upcoming appearance:

An Evening With Benjamin Franklin
Saturday, February 5th
(This is a Fund Raiser)
Mark Goldberg from KVOR will be emceeing the event!
Temple Beit Torah located at 522 E. Madison between Wahsatch and Templeton Gap (Just down the block from the Safeway in the Bon Shopping Centre)
Tickets available by emailing or calling 573-0841
Checks made out to TBT

Tickets are $30 for adults and $10 for children under 18
$20 and $5 of that is tax deductible

Chris will speak for about 40 minutes then there will be questions from a panal with questions that Chris has not seen in advance then there will be questions form the audience. Then there will be a cake and pie reception during which guests will have the ablilty to schmooze with Ben Franklin as he walks around the Temple!
There are only 150 seats available so please hurry and get advanced tickets to guarantee your seat!

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