Monday, August 29, 2011


I like how Brad Penny stands up for parents, ladies & kids. Please note how Rodriguez doesn't get it. He thinks it is the wrong time to be corrected... but it was an ok time to swear. If it were me... I would have sent the message in his next at bat with a little chin music. Just sayin. Richard


It sounded absurd when news came out that Tigers pitcher Brad Penny was yelling at Tampa’s Sean Rodriguez for running “too hard” on a pop-up during Tuesday’s game.

Such criticism seemed even more absurd when Rodriguez actually beat the Tigers on a hustle play on Wednesday, beating a throw to second while the winning run scored.

“For anybody to bark at another player for ... hustling is absolutely insane, ludicrous,” said Rays manager Joe Maddon.

Turns out, at least according to Penny, that he was yelling at Rodriguez for swearing loudly as he rounded the bases at quiet Tropicana Field.

“To me, that’s a sign of disrespect if you’re screaming that loud,” Penny said. “All these kids can hear you, it’s not too loud in here. So to me, that’s not really professional.”

Rodriguez agreed, to a point, but didn’t think it was any of Penny’s business.

“It’s not a good image you want to be sending off, cause with TV the way it is and media the way it is, you can read lips and can see what we’re saying to each other,” Rodriguez said. “So in essence, I can see where he can say it’s not professional. But there’s no need for him to come out and bark at me. He didn’t have to say anything to me, whether it was unprofessional or not, it’s not his place to do that, that’s not the time to do that.”

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