Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Colorado Springs Independent's 2011 Give Campaign

I hope that your life allows you to help others this Christmas and Holiday season. If you are looking for that perfect match between your budget and your values, please consider the Colorado Springs Independent and their program for giving. I will have them on my show to explain how easy it is to donate. There are non-profits to match your interests, but I VERY MUCH hope you consider helping the military and Fort Carson and their troops who protect this great country.

Give! is the Colorado Springs Independent's year-end multimedia and guerilla marketing campaign designed to generate funds, volunteers and applause for the important work local nonprofits perform.

This year their broad-based community steering committee has selected 49 incredible non-profits to be part of the 2011 Give! campaign.

Community members can select one, two or multiple non-profits and make a donation online in a single, easy transaction. And if, in this admittedly difficult economy, you cannot give much, or at all, no worries. There are plenty of valuable opportunities to volunteer as well.

Giving can be made via their secure web site, and all funds are held by the Pikes Peak Community Foundation, until mid-January 2012, when non-profit organizations will be paid 100% of funds citizens donate at an event sponsored by the El Pomar Foundation and Heuberger Subaru.

The Goals of the 2011 Give Campaign are:

to encourage people who do not regularly give to donate time and money, with a particular emphasis on getting those in their 20s and 30s to become philanthropists.

to educate our community about the important work performed by local non-profits

to provide a Pikes Peak philanthropic platform which will make giving back to our community easy, enjoyable and effective.

How can I give to Give!?

Online is the best way. Just click on the Give! button featured at csindy.com and 60 other local Web sites. Then select one, two or multiple nonprofits and make a donation online in a single, easy, secure transaction.

Your donations will be held by the Pikes Peak Community Foundation until mid-January 2012, when nonprofits will be paid 100 percent of donated funds at an event sponsored by the El Pomar Foundation and Heuberger Subaru.

At this ceremony, nonprofits will also receive additional money from our "Friendly Competitions" and "Individual Matching Grants" programs.

All costs, including credit card processing fees, are paid by the Independent.

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