Monday, January 9, 2012


This is the book we talked about a week or so ago with author Patton Dodd. I also suggest his recent articles in The Washington Post and The Wallstreet Journal. The following is from J. Knutsen from the website. R2/2.0 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// How to explain all the inflamed and irrational passion for a second-year QB whom a consensus of experts believe is doomed to failure? In a word, perhaps: *Hope*. Patton Dodd smartly peels away the many layers of the Tebow mystique to find, at its heart, our hope that something unexpected might happen. Maybe even something we'd call miraculous. This, of course, is the language of faith, for which Tebow is known, and so what we love about sports gets conflated with what we love... and then it's no surprise that our response to a 57-yard-touchdown pass by an excitable, charismatic and virtuous young leader is to throw our arms in the air, drop to our knees, and shout, "Hallelujah!" (Which is exactly what I did, yesterday. Though, to be honest, as a Broncos fan I am Tebowing for Luck.) The Tebow story needs some objectivity, and to be viewed through a bigger lens than throwing mechanics or college wins. Dodd provides that perspective, and some insights you won't read elsewhere.

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