Wednesday, February 5, 2014


caller just said he did not want the schools teaching his four kids "patriotism". will read your fb response on air
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  • Lynn Tullos Strus And the exit to the US is available immediately !
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  • Mark Stevens how about the "Concept" of patriotism.. what is patriotic to one might not be to another..a teacher may have a different take as well..teach concepts not absolutes..CRITICAL thinking is a must
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  • Bill Hutto Let him move to another country. We don't need him.
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  • Brian Edwards The story I read about Ft Collins said that this was the students' idea and not the schools, so the school was not teaching patriotism.
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  • Dana Susan Beasley And I don't want the schools teaching my kid propaganda, especially in the guise of Common Core, which is why we homeschool.
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  • Andy Petersen Why is it ok to "celebrate" multi-culturalism and not the reason for our melting pot? Ooops. I probably shouldn't have used the word "pot" here.
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  • Mike MacGuire How about the schools focus on educating our kids….. you know math, science, reading, writing……education!!!
    Just a thought.
  • Michelle A Mras Teach real non-rose colored history and patriotism follows suit.
  • Ken Stattman You say the Pledge of Allegiance and learn civics. Is that teaching patriotism? All citizens need that in order to vote.
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  • Angelita Jiron I don't like the caller. I'm right the caller is wrong. The caller is lucky they were able to say that on air. Hmmmm might have been patriotism that made that possible.
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  • Bill Guman I don't think the caller quite understands what "patriotism" is. If the caller did know I doubt he/she could oppose it being taught in school (unless the caller is a citizen of another country).
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