Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sheriff Maketa made a video apology to his employees.

Statement from El Paso County Sheriff's Office
"Sheriff Maketa spent much of the day Friday making personal visits and speaking with employees of all levels at both the Office of the Sheriff and CJC campuses. He ended the day by attending the Recruit Academy BBQ which is an event the recruits enjoy when their academy class is coming to its conclusion. Like he had done throughout the day with other staff, Sheriff Maketa spoke with the recruits and their family members who were in attendance about recent events. Feeling time was of the essence and recognizing it’s impossible to address the workforce all at once due to varying shifts and responsibilities, Sheriff Maketa came into the office Saturday to have the video done so all employees could hear from him. The video was placed on the Sheriff’s Office internal site Saturday afternoon and employees were notified it was posted for their viewing."

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