Monday, July 28, 2014


Charlie Daniels, the folk-country-rock star whose melodies and lyrics have enchanted America for decades and whose no-holds-barred political opinions are posted online, has a word of advice for President Obama.  To help Obama raise his popularity, which has been underwater and at near-record lows in recent months.He tweeted, “Obama could raise his numbers exponentially over night if he went to the border and said PRESIDENT NEITO, PUT UP THIS WALL!!!!”

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Dr Charles Krauthammer's opinion is we need to spend about 24 billion to raise a double fence along the border. Sealing the border before amnesty is a must. US spends 24 billion on interest ever month, its like a credit card payment. Fencing works in Israel with a 99% Plus reliability. The dems want the votes, if they voted republican it would have been done in the 80's. We spent trillions in the middle east when we need to be like our great ally and take care of our homeland.