Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz will likely be in Colorado Springs Colorado GOP State convention. John Kasich is expected to be a no show

Donald Trump is close to confirming that he will attend the Colorado GOP State Convention.
State Party Chairman Steve House made the announcement Saturday at the Congressional District 1 convention in Littleton. He cautioned that the arrangements are not yet finalized, but they expect Trump to join Ted Cruz at the event in Colorado Springs.
One candidate who will not attend: Ohio Gov. John Kasich will not attend the convention. Instead, House said, the Kasich campaign is sending former New Hampshire Sen. John Sununu to speak at the party events April 8 and April 9 on his behalf.
The potential for a Trump visit to Colorado — the first of the campaign — has been rumored for days, but House’s statement is the most definitive to date. A Trump campaign spokeswoman said Friday it had no information about a possible Colorado visit.
Trump has no formal campaign organization in Colorado, but his supporters are fervent in their admiration for the candidate.
Cruz confirmed Monday he would address the delegates at the GOP convention. His supporters are expected to win some of the first Colorado national delegates being awarded Saturday at two congressional district conventions. Cruz is also the favorite among potential national delegates at the state convention, giving him the opportunity to win the 19 national delegates that are needed to claim victory in Colorado.

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