Saturday, November 29, 2008


Are alien UFO fleets protecting Barack Obama?

A number of unusual photographs and videos have surfaced showing unusual orbs or discs either circling or flying past Obama rallies and events. Michael Luckman, a New York UFO researcher has compiled a list of these occurrences: One high quality video was filmed showing what appeared to be flying silver orbs at the October 4th Obama/Springsteen concert and rally, another UFO was filmed and seen by thousands in Colorado, a UFO was photographed at a Nevada rally and finally Orbs were photographed at Obama's Chicago victory rally.This has led some Ufologists to speculate that Obama is being guarded by fleets or squadrons of UFO's. 'Being the nation’s first African-American presidential candidate for a major party initially and now the first African-American President-elect, soon to be President, there are many nutcases out there who would be feeling threatened' one expert commented. 'Sadly, this nation has a pretty racist past and the old Jim Crowe laws existed in the lifetimes of many still around today. The Ku Klux Klan is still active and the idea of a black man as President is obviously creating waves of shock amongst America's extreme racist fringe'.Already a few attempts to assassinate the president have been foiled. 'Yep: sadly Obama is going to need that extra bit of protection. There are plenty of guns out there and some are in the hands of hard-core racists and white-supremacists.' our expert continued. many ufologists believe that Aliens find our petty racist squabbles primitive. 'If a civilisation has the technology to travel through vast distances of space, literally millions upon millions of miles it would probably have evolved to the point that such petty tribal rivalries have been long forgotten. Aliens probably would love to make themselves known to humanity but realise that we are simply too primitive to deal with them.' one Ufologist we interviewed commented. 'Our gut reaction would be to fire at them: that could be disastrous, if they can travel all the way to earth they could probably crush us as we could an ant'.
Nevertheless it is believed that some contact with aliens is taking place at the highest 'above top secret' levels. The previously hushed up Roswell incident came to light thanks to well known UFO researcher Stanton Friedman. Friedman claims that in July 1947 a UFO crashed near the Town of Roswell, New Mexico and Alien bodies, some still alive were retrieved and taken to a secret base known as 'Area-51' to be studied. The UFO is said to have been used in reverse-engineering projects. Since then a number of very high profile Americans and others have come forward and testified to US Government contact with alien visitors. The most recent being that of Edgar Mitchell, who was part of the Apollo 14 mission and the sixth man to walk on the moon. Other high profile acknowledgements of this phenomenon have come from the likes of former President Jimmy Carter and Paul Hellyer, Canada's one time defence minister. Obama has made the interesting choice of naming John Podesta as a co-chairman of the Obama-Biden Transition Project. Podesta was the final Chief-of-Staff for Bill Clinton and is an avid believer in UFO's who has heavily campaigned for the intelligence community to make public what they know about the topic. 'Podesta knows more that he is giving away' a source with military ties assured us. Is John Podesta liaising with Aliens to keep Barack Obama safe? 'Aliens would truly be welcoming the election of Obama as a sign of our maturity and ability to lay down old prejudices. They might see this as an important step towards openly revealing their presence amongst us and letting humans take their place as a small part of a much larger universal civilisation. They would realise the dangers Obama faces and they would be working either with the government or of their own initiative to keep him safe and protect his well-being'. One thing we can be sure about is that if they were able to get here they definately have the technology to do so and for that we can be thankful.

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