Thursday, April 16, 2009



I'm sorry you took my "Klan Rally" remark in the wrong way. It was not meant as a political statement regarding prejudice only that the preponderance of attendees were white.

Your sensitivity appears to ratchet up when such illustrations are made about the conservative white community.

The history of your remarks about President Obama after the election are clearly biased and directed towards your perceived audience. But I always thought you enjoyed spirited debate and I felt disappointed that you were unable to address my question in real time and felt it necessary to cut me off. This does not speak well for your ability to handle dissent.

However, I am prepared to continue our tenuous relationship and bring to your attention much that will, in the future, be ignored or downplayed by the conservative right.

I hope that you will accept my reasoning.



Apologia61 said...

Please identify the characteristics of what a Klan rally looks like. Your position is based upon a clear defined definition as to what that would be. If you are simply implying that it "looks like" a Klan rally based upon many many white people attending then I suppose a Broncos football game would classify as one itself. You have failed to identify what the marks or characteristics of a Klan rally are! The burden of proof is on you and not us. Please defend your claims and provide adequate proof as you compare the two rally's together. To not do so would imply mean spiritedness, closed mindedness and intolerance. If all you have is the whiteness of those attending then I am certain you would say that about blacks meeting and hispanics meeting in a public place to celebrate their racism. Please also provide your definition of racism since that is implied in the accusation that it" looked like a Klan rally". I will debate you as I was there...and I am white and am DEEPLY OFFENDED by your remark. Does offending others also apply to white people? I wonder. Lets debate.

Richard said...

I would have been glad to defend my claims had I not been rudely and mean spiritedly cut off the air. This is not a debate it is a witch hunt.

Guy said...

Hang in there, Richard!

Rick Baker dii NOT apologize for his comment. He's only "sorry" that you did not take it the way he thought you should. Baker needs to take a long look in a mirror and apologize to the rest of the world for taking up too much space.

Rick Baker has nothing to contribute. But he sure likes to hear his voice on the radio. Call it "Free Speech" i.e. "Free Air Time on KVOR."

Baker is envious of anyone who has a real audience and a following since he has none - except, maybe, in his dreams.

Baker has the right to his opinions. He also has the right to continue to make a public fool of himself as he has done over the years.

Don't let the OLD BLOWHARD get to you, Richard.

Tkae your blood pressure meds and keep up the great work!

Richard said...

Hey Guy,

Thank you for your typical right wing comment. You prove me and the other thinking people forced to endure the sludgy mentality of the terminally conservative in Colorado Springs to be ever so tolerant of the growing Fascist movement.

Perhaps if you were introspective you might have discovered some of that awful discriminatory thinking you folks on the right have welded to your psyches.

Seems as if my "free speech" was cut a little short today. And one of our founders, Thomas Jefferson said it will be difficult for the less than tolerant to abide unpopular speech. I guess he hit the old nail right on the head in your case. Cheers.

Guy said...

Hey, Rick Baker, that's for making my point.

You're about as useful as teats on a wild boar.

Keep your "cheers" to yourself.

You'll need them.

Richard said...

Hey Guy,

They say that those who have little or no ability to debate simply digress to ad hominem attack. In your case a very old and shop worn ad hominem attack. Teats?

It would appear that you have slipped into the ad hominem trap.

I am patiently waiting for an intelligent response. Not hopeful, just patient. Last chance.

Apologia61 said...

I can see that my questions remain unanswered. I am also waiting for Rick to provide adequate proof and good arguments he is asking of any one Conservative. Where is the open mindedness and tolerance concerning my questions? If you are so loving and compassionate then convince me...if not...then do not preach to our Choir!

Richard said...


Your pedantic and doctrinaire posts do not interest me or invite a reply.

In addition nothing I could say would change, in any way, your lock step and subjective conservative views.

I will continue to preach to whomever I am directed by patriotism and rejection of Christian supremacy to address.

Guy said...

Baker - When you do have something to contribute to this dialogue we'll all be surprized.

Why not try the Kim Jong Ill Stimulus Package - an overdose of North Korean Viagra. Then again it might not work for an old dried up nut sack.

Last chance? Not to worry.

You've already lost it.

Richard said...

Gosh, you Randall Riders are just full of quaint, yet divisive, barbs.

As expected no intelligent response yet.

Probably too busy gut-shooting animals or abusing children.

Guy said...

Hey, Baker -

We're only following your lead. You're the master of the ad hominem and the quaint, divisive.

For somebody who sits in his basement wearing only boxers and a tank top monitoring all the talk shows with KVOR Richard Randall on your speed dail......

You set such a fine example for the rest of us.

After all, when it comes to debate you're a master....

That's right, a Masterdebater.

Is that NorKor Viagra kicking in yet?

You should apologize to Thomas Jefferson for misusing his material.

You're as funny as a Red Neck Teabagger.

Go back to your own incestuous klan.

Maybe they can demonstrate real "Teabagging" to you.

Until you submit something worthwhile......

Well, let's just say we're not holding our breath.

Richard said...


Your hatred is palpable. It is quite easy to see why American conservatism is so frequently associated with the Christo-Fascist regimes we defeated 65 years ago.

Racism, religious bigotry, class warfare, Christian Supremacy, all are direct indicators of the deeply ingrained sociopathic Ubermensch syndrome which is now the hallmark of the right wing.

I have called Richard Randall exactly twice in 24 months and, unlike you, with my pants on.

I enjoy debate not a one-sided diatribe. Sadly, what we have on KVOR now is a line up of Limbaugh clones, none of whome can hold a candle to Joseph Michelli.

Repetitious, partisan, lackluster, unimaginative, biased, uninformed, itellectually vacant and intransigent drivel which I can see is very appealing to one of your limited scope.

But then, how can one expect more from political ideologues who goose stepped their way into the hearts and minds of eager sycophants such as yourself.

Here's knowing that when you've said your final "Sieg Heils" of the day and lay your swollen head down for the night that happy visions of tortured children and raped women don't dance in your head and keep you awake.

Guy said...

Rick Baker -

You amaze me.

I know of no one else who can spend so much time, energy and words and still contribute nothing substantive to the dialogue this blog is supposed to stimulate.

Did you get that talent from the Free Stinkers..... or are you the one who taught them their trade?

If the Free Stinkers didn't pay to have their stuff put in the Independent no one would publish it.

Yes, countless Americans in several wars paid the ultimate sacrifice so people like you could spout off your bilge.

You certainly have the right to "Free Speech".

Your constant psuedo intellectual abuse of this privige reveals more of who you are than you realize.

And, for the record, I would never think of wasting my energy on "hate" which you claim is "palpable."

It simply shows what a inflated ego you must have.

We'll refer to this in the future as the "Baker Delusion."

We've stopped waiting for a significant contribution to this blog from you long ago.

Why are you wasting your time?

Do you really think anyone is really reading your &!*)#% much less taking it seriously?

Now you need to apologize to the good Dr. Joseph Michelli for dragging his name into your sty.

Richard said...


My last post was a masterpiece. Far outscoring aything you have posted.

It is the creation of a true American intellectual, replete with verbal stilletos that have pierced the heart of your arguments.

Words are weapons Guy and your weapons as well as your words are blunt, much like your brain.

Conservatives are oafs. You have been bested. Have the grace to admit it.

Guy said...

More of the Baker Delusion.

The audacity of hype.

"Bested?!?!" Not a chance!

Is this a self-grading test, Rick?

You're a disgrace, Baker!

Richard said...


Your posts get shorter and shorter. Have you depleted your limited supply of words?

You have been and remain less than competitive. A 3rd grade debate team could beat you.

There is no pleasure in besting such a loser but in the name of good sportsmanship I must say that you try harder than any miscreant I know to fake your way into public discourse.

By the way where are the rest of the posters on this blog? Apart from Randall's original post of my E-Mail there's only you, me and the apologist. I thought Richard's show would garner more blog activity than this. It's the most active it's ever been.

J. A. Colon said...

I was at the Tea Party, I am a 50 year old Soldier, who has served this Nation for 22 years, and whose uncle died in World War 2 not being able to vote in the Presidential Elections because he was Puerto Rican.

I am also Puerto Rican, and cannot, by any stretch of the imagination be called caucasian, nor, once I open my mouth, be accepted at any Klan Rally.

I flew to the Middle East Thursday morning to continue fighting the battles of our Nation.

I Told Richard: "Tomorrow, I fly to Iraq, today, I do my Patriotic duty."

Richard said...

Mr. Colon,

First, as a Vietnam Veteran and former Air Force Officer, let me thank you for your service to America.

I do not say that there were no people of color at the tea parties but rather that there were very few to say the least. This raises questions in my mind about the quality and direction of the protest which seemed far more directed at President Obama than his policies. Also, where is the traditional fairness of allowing a new president sufficient time to validate his programs before being castigated. It seems lost on the mobs I saw.

These same people had eight years to protest the trillions in deficit racked up by Bush, but instead, choose to concentrate their disdain on Barrack HUSSEIN Obama.

Their prejudice is easily seen.

Guy said...

More Baker Delusion Syndrome.

Ricky - Take your NorKor Viagra, followed by your medicare Lithium, chase it with a liter of Vodka.

Then go back to watching your favorite patriot Larry Flynnt movies.

Notice your huge following?

Turn around, Ricky.

You think you're leading.

No one's following.

You're nothing but a parasite, something a spray of DDT could easily remove.

Lay down and have a nice dirt nap.

Guy said...

Hey Baker - Did ever look up the definition of "teats"?

A high brow intellectual like yourself should have that in your vocabulary. (See YOUR POST April 16 6.00 PM)

Do you know the direct translation of "Sieg Heil"? Probably not. (See YOUR POST April 17, 1.15 PM)

Yep, You are a Masterpiece - a REAL PIECE OF WORK, kinda like Hitler's Auschwitz. (See YOUR POST April 17, 2.20 PM)

Yours only get better.

You make my point every time you write.

The PEN IS mightier than the sword.

Your problem is ED complicated with idiocy.

You're addictec to yourself.

Like a gambler out of control you don't know when to stop making a public fool of yourself.

Keep it up if you can.

That NorKor Viagra might help you keep it up.

Then again you're probably decades beyond menopause.

Richard said...

Hi Guy,

I'm not familiar with NORKOR Viagra although you seem to be quite enamored of it.

I am familiar with vodka but seem to be out at present. Why not make up for hurting my feelings by sending me some?

Sieg Heil literally translated, means "Hail Victory," a very common platitude used by the Nazis.

I like Larry Flynt movies. Most healthy heterosexual males do. More effeminate men may skip them.

You can't get rid of me with DDT. I have experienced worse agents that that at Christian Church Services.

As for being followed, I can't seem to find many of your supporters on this blog either. It must be very disappointing to have only two or three posters on a right wing blog. Where are all the thousands of conservatives that should be attacking me on this blog?

Perhaps they are too busy beating up Gay people.

I know what "Teats" mean. I just thought your use of the archaic "Teats on a Boar Hog" homily seems a bit old-fashioned. But then conserviatism is old fashioned so I shouldn't wonder.

Your frustrations are very apparent. I hope you are able to cope.

Guy said...

Wrong again.

You're a cancer on society.

We fought and won against miscreants like you and your klan.

Heil Baker!

May you burn in hell like your idols!

You are as worthless as a russian rubel.

Watch your favorite patriot Larry Flynt and may your male member burn with fire.

And when your depart this life on earth may you find that your idiocy find it's fulfillment in the fires of eternal damnation.

Richard said...


You seem fixated with the male anatomy. Are you Gay?

It's OK if you are except I wouldn't hang around church much if I were you.

Well this has been an enlightening discourse and I have learned something. Just when you think you have met the most stupid right wing nut job another, like you, pops up.

Actually I have started to feel a bit sorry for you. There must not be much in your life for you to be so bitter. I have met many other conservatives and there isn't much in their lives either. Together, you and the other conservatives I have had the misfortue of meeting make up a real pile of useless humanity.

But there is hope. Now that I know your Gay, I can suggest joining the Gay and Lesbian Center run by the Gill foundation. They have helped many Conservative Homophobes to recognize their own gayness. Don't mention this to James Dobson or anyone from Focus though. They like to kill Homosexuals.

I won't be posting anymore because I have used up all the insults I can think of right now.

As for you, I hope you can get your life together. Maybe you will meet a nice boy and get married. Oops. No Gay Marriage in Colorado. Sorry. Ta Ta

Apologia61 said...


I am not sure why you attacked me in your response. I was addressing RICK! You seem to have me pegged as something else. Are we conservatives so quick to judge each other that maybe this is what is helping keeping us divided. Just was wondering.

Apologia61 said...

Is RICHARD the RICHARD from KVOR? It seems that if this is then what I hear on the radio and on here are two different people. I need to buy my time with real Conservatives. TATA

Richard said...


I can't let you keep thinking the post to you by Richard was Richard Randall.

It was me, Rick Baker. I post under the name Richard on many other sites and never thought about the duplication here.

So I will take the heat for my posts. Besides Richard Randall wouldn't post against conservatism on a bet. LOL

Guy said...

Baker - I thought a wonderful patriot like you would take a break from your dungeon and go to church on Sunday.

What church do you attend?

I'd like to meet your pastor.

I bet he's a swell guy like you.

Guy said...

Rick Baker -

Run out of insults?

Hard to believe.

By the way, there is more than one person using the name "Guy" on these posts.

Yeah Right: I'm Gay!


Guy said...

Ricky, Ricky - Tsk, tsk, tsk!

You're about as inspiring as a 7 hour speech by your idol Fidel Castro!

Why not move to Havana and live a little?

Just sayin'

Richard said...


I don't attend church. First of all, I am a critic of religion seeing no benefit and much to fear from it.

Religions are pretty much all the same to me. Exclusive, repressive and controlling.

Many heinous activities are undertaken in the name of religion and many have perished from its unfettered reign in the world.

In a world where the Pope would rather see people die than use condoms and religions that have only just admitted the world is round, I prefer more reliable and humane beliefs.

Guy said...

Baker -

Now we know.

You're nothing but a godless dork.

You'd fit in well in North Korea, Cuba, or Stalinist Russia.

Those people guided by the almighty human reason have never violated anyone's rights or killed anyone.

You'd be in Fools' Paradise.

Go for it!

And take your cadre of Free Stinkers with you!

Guy said...

Ricky, Ricky............

You're vodka is in the mail.

It's in a plain brown box with a selection of Larry Flynt videos.

We want you to feel good about yourself.

You're such a nice person - How could anybody NOT like you?!?!

I'll bet you were great in Vietnam.

After all there was no other fine officer like you to make sure the men were using the latrines correctly.

And, before I forget, TA TA To You TOO!!!

Guy said...

What's up, Baker?

No humor left?

Out of insults?

Ahhhhhhhh, poor Ricky.

Maybe your feewings have been hurt.

You can sure dish it out but you can't handle it when it returns to you!

So put on your Tuxedo and call your favorite talk show host.

After all, if you're gonna be impotent you wanna look impotent!

Guy said...

Rick Baker -

Cat got your tongue?

Admit defeat?

Nobody home?

What a loser!!!

Guy said...

Ricky -

Who bested who?

We'll let the public decide.

You're destined for the septic tank...... if you're lucky.

Guy said...

Rick Baker -

The coroner called.

You're DOA.


Guy said...

We conclude based on this interchange and the various articles and letters published by RICHARD BAKER of Colorado Springs in the Gazette and the Independent (under the guise of being a "Free Thinker") that he is a total fraud and an embarassment to this community, his military service notwithstanding.

richard randall said...

I, RICHARD RANDALL... THE RICHARD RANDALL... have not posted as Richard. So there should be no confusion anout comments on the air and the liberal Richard Baker on this blog. just so ya know. Now, have at it boys.