Monday, July 20, 2009


ON WEDNESDAY I'LL BE JOINED BY FORMER PROSECUTOR BOB RUSSELL (he also prosecuted Ted Bundy) AND LOU SMIT (retired homicide detective in Jonbenet Ramsey and Robert Browne cases)to talk about the upcoming hearing for the men convicted of killing Karen Grammer. Kelsey will be in town next week to testify against their release from the state prison in Limon. Here is background from a Parade Magazine article.

The Death of Karen Grammer

In 1975, Kelsey Grammer’s younger sister, Karen, was raped, beaten and stabbed to death by a man named Freddie Glenn after a botched robbery in Colorado. Glenn is currently serving his sentence at the Bent County Correctional Facility in Las Animas, Colorado and is eligible for parole this year.

According to published reports, in 1975, Glenn and several other men attempted to rob a Red Lobster restaurant in Colorado Springs. They left without any money, but on the way out they grabbed Karen Grammer, 18, who worked at the restaurant, because they feared she could identify them.

After robbing a convenience store, the men took Grammer to Glenn's apartment, where they raped her repeatedly. She pleaded for her life and offered to do anything they wanted so she could live. After promising to take her home, the men sat her in the car, put a cloth over her head and eventually let her out in a mobile home park. But before they let her go, Glenn, who according to court testimony had taken LSD, stabbed her in the throat, back and hand. Grammer bled to death from her wounds.

Police didn't know her name for a week until her brother, Kelsey, reported her missing.

As Grammer told PARADE, his sister’s death was the catalyst that fueled his drug and alcohol addictions.

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