Monday, July 6, 2009


It Was a Special Day ! We would like to extend a very sincere Thank You To
James C. Humes,
for speaking at our rally Saturday. Despite pouring rain, He took the time to share his knowledge, insight, wisdom and life experience with us. While Mr Humes was speaking, a quiet reverence along with the rain fell over the group, You could feel it the air and see it in the faces of everyone attending. It was a very moving experience. Mr Humes, we at The Southern Colorado Tea Party, Salute and Honor you for giving "us" an INDEPENENCE DAY that will be remembered always.
Learn More About Mr Humes Here

Richard Randall of KVOR 740 Radio was the Master of Ceremonies for our rally. What can you say about Richard? It doesn't take long in talking and listening to him, to know without a doubt, that he puts his heart and soul into his professional and personal life. This is a man of true conviction, a Patriot and Great American!
Thank You for taking the time after the rally, to speak to all of us individually. This means a great deal and inspires our group more than you know!
We are proud to have you as a friend of the The Southern Colorado Tea Party!
Thank You for everything YOU do for ALL of us every day through your program.
Click Here for more info about Richards Show on KVOR

We would also like to Thank and Acknowledge:
Alexander Mugatu, Jack Rink, Silver Salazar, Steven Rodriguez
And everyone of YOU great patriots that braved the elements and made this day one to remember!

A very special Thank You to Miriah for her wonderful voice!
You have an open invitation to join us anytime.

Finally, a Thank you to the "Board Members" and all the volunteers who put so much time and effort, day in and day out, into everything we do! You all bring something unique to the table and are a "class act ". For me personally, it is a privilege to be involved with you and although we have not been together as a group for a long period of time, I appreciate your talent, creativity, contributions and hard work. And of course the developing friendship and camaraderie that we share! God Bless You All.
Chuck McKellip
Web Administrator
The Southern Colorado Tea Party God Bless America!!!

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