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Great Listeners... Great e-mails... here's a few"
Before 1500, Europeans drank alcohol because the water was tainted by
sewage. Everyone was slightly drunk and most had a touch of fetal alcohol
syndrom and civilization crawled slowly forward. After 1500, people drank
coffee and chocolate and the rennaisance really got moving. The European
culture that had spent the last thousand years fighting each other over
patches of land smaller than El Paso County developed guns and steam
engines and germ theory and conquored the world because they had
which is the basis of modern civilization.

someday i should get my history and education degrees
so i can do some real damage,
I've listened to your show for a long time and you are active in the community.
I think our community needs to practice and train for an EMP emergency.
If, God forbid, that the USA is attacked by a rogue country with an EMP nuke what can we do as a community to survive.

All a country needs to do is explode a nuke about 200 miles above our country and the EMP effect would be awful. There are ways we can protect some of our personal things but we need to push our political leaders to be aware of this too.

Respectfully and A Nice Guy,
Good morning. It was such a pleasure speaking to you this morning. As I said, I appreciate your honesty, integrity, and honor. I also appreciate your understanding of 1 Cor 13:13 (NASB): Faith, hope, and love, abide in all three, but the greatest of these is (agape) love . Rest assured, you will reside in my prayers.
Hi Richard,
To answer to the gentlemans question about the religion in politics, he said that it "clearly states in the Constitution that there is a separation of church and state": This is a false statement.
There is NO statement in the Constitution that says there is a "separation of church and state." If so, where is it? What the Constitution does say is that the government cannot SANCTION a particular religion, i.e. "you cannot run for office unless you're a Christian"; "you will pay taxes TO THE CHURCH unless you're a Christian,"; etc. The Constitution does not preclude an absence of religion in government, period. You will hear people say, and it will be said until people understand, that the Constitution guarantees freedom OF relgion, not freedom FROM religion.
Blessings to all- Scott T.
I have listened to you for quite long time. I am a retired LTC from the Army and led POW/MIA recovery mission into Vietnam, Laos and North Korea. This story was related to me by a North Korean witness and happened in 1998.

PS Here is a link if you wish to see a Burst of Glory Buttons and a report from CILHI who is tasked with identifying our missing soldiers from past wars.
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Richard, I love your show! I am a little ignorant about politics, but
I am getting sick of special interest groups getting the riches of my
future grandchildren! I understand that Senators and Congressmen have
some limited immunity to some of our federal laws. What I am wondering
is this; How can we introduce on next years state ballot, that any
elected official representing the State of Colorado must renounce
their federal immunity to criminal prosecution (if they are indeed
committing the crimes others have been committing in congress)? Under
this proposal, they would be required to be held accountable to the
people of Colorado before they can be sworn into office. If they are
found guilty of criminal activity during their term of office they
will be replaced before their term is over. My hope is that this type
of proposal just being on the ballot alone, would strike a chord of
fear on all Senators, Governors, and Congressmen forcing them to
perform all duties in an upright manner. Also, I would hope the news
of this type of ballot proposal would encourage other states to also
force their representatives to forsake their immunity status before
they can hold an office in their states. I am a union member with a
contract with my employer... But my contract would be voided if I lie,
if I cheat, if I steal, or if I perform my job poorly, and not even
the union would be able to save my job if I am found guilty of these
offenses... There is not one elected official that would survive these
terms... I think that it must be made easier to impeach our Senators,
and Congressmen; If they continue to refuse to hear our wishes, its
time we turn up the heat! I am not sure how to initiate this kind of
ballot proposal. Thanks for your time.
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I don't feel comfortable getting on the air and telling please accept this method of communication.
First of all I am thankful that my God is a God of second chances. I have been given a second chance that few get and a second chance that few think I deserved. The reality is that at one time I didn’t think that I deserved this chance.
I am a convicted sex offender. I am in a treatment program whose primary goal is to create no new victims. I am thankful that I have been able to live my life in such a way that I haven’t created any new victims of any type. I am 10 years into a 12 year probation term. I realize that most of society would have preferred me to be in prison, but I am not, I am being given a second chance to get it right.
I am thankful that I am starting to get reconnected with my family. It has been difficult for them and to a much lesser degree for me. I am thankful for friends who made me part of their family while I was not able to be around my ‘real’ family.
I am thankful that I have a job, and while it is not in my original career, it is providing what I need to continue with my work of becoming a better person. My co-workers know of my background and understand that I need to work at making amends for my past, but still give me support to continue in the program. They too want to see me succeed.
I am thankful for the treatment and containment team. Theirs is often a thankless task of monitoring, and sometimes coming down on one of us offenders who is not making the efforts and progress necessary to live correctly.
I am thankful that I have the opportunity to be able to tell others of my past, not to titillate or to try to make myself feel better; but more so that if another guy is living in a ‘false-normal’ world of deviant thoughts, fantasies,…not yet in the behaviors…maybe, just maybe, my experiences can help them to see their need to get help in learning self-control. Hopefully what they see will give them the impetus to not continue on the road that I have traveled, make the needed corrections, and end up living a better life.
I am truly blessed. I have been given a second chance.
I don’t want to blow this chance.
"The relationship between truth and a newspaper is like the relationship between the color green and the number seven. Occasionally you will see the number seven written in green, but you learn not to expect this." – Garrison Keillor

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