Wednesday, December 16, 2009


"The Jarred Rego Show" Make sure you tune in Sunday, December 20th at 5 PM on KVOR!!

- I will offer KVOR a fresh, new conservative voice that can engage the young listening audience in Southern Colorado and start the process of attaching them to the #1 Rated KVOR brand.

-Using my quick wit and skilled sense of humor, I will be able to make my show stand out from the pack.

-My finger will always be on the pulse of local news due to my reporting work in the KVOR 24 Hour News Center.

-I will focus mainly on politics and major news issues of the previous week. I will also be able to offer the first analysis of major news events for the forthcoming week.

-I will have the first take on the Sunday Morning News Talk Shows. With my placement on Sunday evenings, I will get first crack at dealing with the fallout from the morning shows and help shape our coverage for the week. Also, I can offer a young perspective on stodgy old institutions like Meet the Press and Face the Nation.

-I am a recent Political Science graduate from the University of New Hampshire. Having attended school in a liberal state, I have hours of experince articulating and defending my beliefs.

-As an award-winning Model United Nations delegate, I am well-equipped to discuss international political issues.

-I ravenously consume political media (particularly the new media like blogs that do so much to shape our day-to-day political discussions) and I will not allow a story of interest to pass me by.

-With like-minded friends of my age in both California and New Hampshire, I will be able to have a nation-wide discussion on my show

-I do very well in think-on-my-feet, debate type situations, so I would welcome and encourage liberal call-ins. I know that these interactions will result in one of three outcomes. 1. I win the debate. 2. I show my conservative listeners how to disarm liberals with facts. 3. I will convince those who are on the fence or persuadible that I hold the correct point of view.

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jeff said...

I love this guy !!!!!! He's wicked smart!