Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Denver Post-Party Summit
Questions? Call: 720-560-2937
The Post-Party Summits will be one of the most meaningful things you do for liberty this year. We have brought together some of the country's best in messaging, political organizing, leadership training, new media, etc. to offer each of you the opportunity to move beyond protest to implementing freedom. The tools are essential. We cannot sit on the sidelines anymore in the fight for freedom. Join with us, attend the Post-Party Summit in Denver, CO.
The Post-Party Summits represent the beginning of the new American Revolution, one in which we organize for liberty and take back our communities from the political class. Each event is designed to maximize your time and provide you with real-world strategies and tactics that you can apply immediately. Now is your time.
Event Schedule*
5:30pm- Registration begins
6:30pm- Dinner, with guest speakers Rob Witwer, author of How Democrats Won Colorado (and Why Republicans Should Care, and Erick Erickson of
8:30- General Session: Understanding the System
9:45am- Workshops offered:
Building Effective Coalitions (Matt Pinnell)
Creative Process (Hermann Eben)
Voter Registration 101: Registration Drives (Bridget Blanton)
11:00am- Workshops offered:
Patriots 2.0 (Beka Romm)
Running for Office 1 (Drew Ryun)
Investigative Journalism 101 (Todd Shepherd)
12pm- Lunch
1:30pm- Workshops offered:
Hardwiring Precincts (Drew Ryun)
Running for Office 2 (Ned Ryun)
Voter Registration 210: Recognizing and Preventing Voter Fraud (Bridget Blanton)
2:45pm- Workshops offered:
Blogs and Wikis (Beka Romm)
Investigative Journalism 201 (Todd Shepherd)
4:00pm- Workshops offered:
Online Image Management (Beka Romm)
Fundraising 101 (TBD)
Thank You to Our Regional Co-Sponsors:
Fort Collins 9.12, Northern Colorado Tea Party, The Evergreen/Conifer Tea Party, Hear Us Now!, and Liberty On The Rocks - Colorado

Additional information:
*Fee will increase to $80 at the door for walk-ins.
*Pre-registration will end at 5pm Thursday, April 29. All registrations after this time must be processed at the door.
* Please bring your confirmation with you to the door.
*For additional information or over the phone registration, please call 720-560-2937.