Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Spent a GREAT night with an old friend at a concert at the Black Rose Acoustic Society in the Black Forest on Friday night. Years ago I was in a band called "The Coyotes". We were pretty sure we were the next Eagles or Poco. Fate had other ideas. After about four years we all went our own ways. I went to television, one went to Nashville and played with Bryan White, etc... Lead singer and guitarist Rich Prezioso married former Renaissance Festival Queen of Tarts, Jacquie Manning and formed Small Potatoes. They spend most of the year touring the U.S. with one or two appearances in Colorado. It was a very welcome break from the stress and tension that fills all of our lives. We caught up on old times... had a mini-reunion (we called a third member to talk a little before the show) and visited with "Richard Randall Show" listeners who have very good taste in music. I HIGHLY suggest checking our Small Potatoes at their website or you can download their music from etc. Old photos are from the original Coyotes recording at Lake Point Towers in Chicago... new photos are from Black Forest on Friday night. Good times.

They say the nicest things...

“Small Potatoes might well be leading mainstays of the folk scene for many years to come.”
Mike Regenstreif
Sing Out Magazine

“[Waltz of the Wallflowers] is smart, funny, wistful, hip -- crosses many msical boundaries (traditional, Celtic, jazz, even American theater) --is beautifully and simply produced. The first song on this album is so won't find anything better than this -- it's up there with the best Rodgers & Hammerstein songs you've ever heard.”
Christine Lavin

“They’ll never open for me again!”
Cliff Eberhardt

“There aren’t many groups, folk or otherwise, with a broader range than these tater tots, but Small Potatoes can turn heads with more than just its range. The duo brings an impressive mastery of detail to each gen re...Small Potatoes is obviously steeped in the tradition of the entire folk spectrum.”
Rick Reger
Chicago Tribune

“I've never been so fascinated by a singing duo. They’re original, funny, energetic, profound, always respectful of the music but always daring to try new things. When they get their hands on music, rhythmically and harmonically, it just takes off. The audience here loves them. It’s a stand-up-and-shout kind of love.”
Phee Sherline
San Diego Folk Heritage Society, San Diego, CA

“Small Potatoes did one of the best shows we have ever had at the Rouse House Concerts. Many of our regulars believe it was THE best show they have seen - bar none! They are great.”
Bruce Rouse
Rouse House Concerts, Austin, TX

“Take a bunch of styles of acoustic, folk, western, blues and swing, add very hot guitar work, and vocals so tight you need WD-40 to get them apart, and you have what Rich and Jacquie dazzle audiences with. They perform wonderful covers, and award winning originals (98 Kerrville Songwriting winners), and are wonderful people to boot! ”
Tom Otte
Fondy Acoustic Music Alliance, Fond du Lac, WI

“SPUDS rule!”
Meredith Carson
Swallow Hill Music Assoc., Denver, CO

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