Tuesday, February 7, 2012


INTRODUCTION Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution demands that every president of the United States must be a “natural-born citizen. As evidenced by the veil of secrecy and cover-up surrounding the incumbent president’s official records of birth, as well as other incriminating documents, which he fails to make public and available to the American people, it is imperative that the vetting process include a thorough vetting as to the eligibility of all the presidential candidates, irrespective of political party. Accordingly, the following resolution is submitted for consideration and adoption by the Colorado Republican Party and is referred to in short as the “Constitutional Eligibility” resolution, which reads in bold as follows. CONSTITUTIONAL ELIGIBILITY RESOLUTION In order to ensure that candidates are eligible to be President of the United States of America under Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution, which requires a candidate to be a natural-born citizen, be it hereby known that each candidate will publicly disclose official hard copies of their birth certificate, school transcripts, and passports for thorough examination and allow verification of their SSANs to ensure no irregularities, such as having a SSAN from a state in which they’ve never lived. All candidates’ documents will be subject to professional analyses by forensic and graphics experts to ensure that they are, in deed, valid official documents of record and not forgeries. RATIONALE AND JUSTIFICATION Military personnel & others are required to show proof of citizenship in order to get a job. Should we expect anything less from those who are applying for the most important job in the country? Just like any other market or job application, we need to know what and who we are getting before we buy or hire. We, the electorate are supposed to be the boss in a free, Constitutional Republic; ergo, we should be as thorough as we can be to ensure that we are getting the best candidate (employee), who is both eligible and qualified for the office. I believe if this is pushed within the Republican Party it will spread beyond the party. All other political parties will be forced to follow suit, including the Democrat party, if they want the support of informed and thoughtful voters. I doubt that anyone would be able to successfully argue against a thorough vetting process, which allows for maximum disclosure of pertinent information regarding a candidate’s eligibility and qualifications. That would be tantamount to suggesting that we shop blindly in the grocery store and randomly pick items off the shelves. As Republican delegates, we should do our best to ensure that each candidate is fully vetted and that official, hard copies of pertinent documents regarding each candidate’s eligibility are thoroughly examined. It’s very important to keep hammering away on this subject, because, as we have seen, it gets lost within the party machinery and rush to get the product to market (candidate on campaign trail and in office). There’s an old saying within computer programming: “Garbage in, garbage out.” And, we’ve seen enough garbage out in previous elections, particularly the 2008 Presidential election with the election of Barack Obama (BO), and didn’t that stink. Dare we continue to make the same mistakes and expect a different outcome? Despite some Republican party functionaries’ reluctance to address the issue of thorough vetting of eligibility and forcing the issue in Congress and elsewhere, we should insist that they stop reneging on their responsibility by their remaining silent and/or chastising those who believe that the Constitution is supreme and trumps political party and/or ideology. Too many times we’ve heard someone tell us that we have more important issues before us and that we should focus on them instead. Talk about shortsighted thinking. What could be more important than the Constitution in a free, Constitutional Republic? Jobs, National Defense, etc., are of little value in the end, if we do not uphold and defend our Constitution. Those who try to bend, twist, or ignore it are only setting up more problems. We can ill afford to allow the continuance of all the chipping away of the Constitution, piece by piece for party or candidate convenience and career. This is how we got into the present mess which we’re in today, the idea that the little things don’t matter and that we can just sweep them aside out of political cowardness (PC) and/or schemes of having a favorite candidate run for a particular office down the road. GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO STAY ON OFFENSE AND GO FOR THE JUGULAR Wars are not won by pussy-footing around and being on the defense and expecting the enemy to relinquish his advance and yield to your cause. It is won by attacking the enemy on all fronts and going for the jugular to win. Either you believe in your cause and fight with all your might for victory or you live under the yoke of your enemy. It’s that simple. And, don’t think for one moment that we aren’t engaged in a war right now here in our country, fighting for our individual freedom and rights and whether we are to remain a free Constitutional Republic or continue to descend into a socialist dictatorship. Accordingly, the stakes are high and I would think that the strategists within the Republican party and the assorted campaign managers would seize the opportunity to bring the eligibility issue right up there on top with the others, since it is a legitimate issue, which has import upon many of the others, particularly National Defense and Foreign Policy. Imagine, if you will, a national debate, whereby a Republican or Independent candidate whips out an official copy of his birth certificate, school transcripts, passports, etc., then announces something like this, “Not only am I qualified to be President and right on the issues, but first and foremost I am eligible to become President, as required by Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution. I can prove my eligibility, yet my opponent has spent approximately $1.5 mil covering up and hiding his records from public scrutiny, attacking and disparaging those who challenge his eligibility, and refusing to appear in court because he’s too busy campaigning, giving our money away, bailing out banks and corporations, bankrupting and apologizing for our country, and playing golf or basketball. Is it any wonder to anyone that this publicly, undocumented socialist, anti-American president takes the positions on immigration and other issues that he does, since he is not a natural-born citizen, which is why our Founding Fathers were concerned about the danger of loyalties to a foreign land and addressed it in the U.S. Constitution?” If the president doesn’t release his records for public scrutiny in like manner and if the debate panelists in the debates and the media in general do not insist or ask the question, then the opposing candidate(s), Republican and Independents should rightfully challenge and ask this question, “Since the panel doesn’t ask the question and are possibly censoring the tweets, I will ask the question. Mr. President, what is in your records that is so secret that you don’t want revealed and us to see, what is it that you are hiding from the American people, Mr. President? As Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces personnel, who have sworn to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and who put their blood and guts on the line to do so, and who are required to prove their citizenship as do most Americans to get a job, don’t you think that you, too, should provide an official, hard copy of your birth certificate and other pertinent documents? Surely, sir, you don’t think that you are above the law or somehow exempt from showing that you are, in fact, under Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution, eligible to be President of the United States of America?” Hopefully, all Republican delegates will approve this resolution and continue to elevate the eligibility issue all the way up to the National convention and insist that whoever is the Republican nominee keep this issue as a high priority item to be brought forth in political ads and debates during the General election. BACKGROUND RESOURCES WND.com is an excellent website, which provides the latest information regarding the eligibility and the birth certificate issue. Also, below is a link to Orly Taitz’s comments after the Court hearing in Atlanta, January 26, 2012, on Barack Obama's ineligibility to be on the Georgia ballot for President. Note the biased and antagonistc attitude of the media rep asking the questions. http://www.wnd.com/?s=Where%27s+The+Birth+Certificate%3F&sort=&order=&from=&to=2012-01-30&category=&author= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2EVrQiOZ1g&list=PL54FAA29E29AD9139&context=C32d20a4ADOEgsToPDskK9TFEtZndLztPRpzwgnFWG An excellent book on the subject is, “Where’s The Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama Is NOT Eligible To Be President, by Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. You can obtain this book online or locally at Barnes & Noble. If anyone hasn’t read the book, I highly recommend it and the website above as a source for getting up to speed on the subject to demolish the flimsy arguments presented by the media and the Obama enablers in and out of the Democrat party, including some so-called Conservatives. It should be incumbent upon all delegates and candidates, alike, who truly believe in upholding and defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, to use these resources, so that they can do their own research and become a powerful influence in arguing the subject and promoting a thorough, eligibility, vetting process, which will surely contribute significantly to a Republican victory in November.


smrstrauss said...


You are the first birther to ask that the REPUBLICAN candidates show proof. None of them have even shown their birth certificates yet.

In contrast, Obama has shown his twice, the short form and the long form.

None of the Republicans has shown his SSN or his college transcripts either. But neither has a thing to do with Natural Born Citizen status, only the place of birth does--and Obama has shown overwhelming proof that he was born in Hawaii. None of the Republicans has shown proof that he was born in the USA.

betsmeier said...

smrstrauss you are so right. The Republicans have never ever bothered to show any proof. And guess what, now Randall thinks that Obama should have his attorney appear at every court case in regards to his birth certificate. I'm appalled. No matter how many times Obama has shown his certificate it will never be enough. And now we have some birthers who state that because his father wasn't born in the US he can't be a natural born citizen. If that's true then Romney can't either because his father was born in Mexico.
I'm really tired of the GOP playing these little games to side track the true problems that we have in the US. We have people like Lamborn doing everything possible to stall everything in Congress by voting "no".