Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Dr. John Rabins is the man I tell you about during my show. I trust my eyecare to him and his wonderful staff. I am currently wearing Hi-Def "HOYA" lens in a CHARMANT titanium perfection frame. The lens are the very best. My vision is the best in my life. They also carry 7eye, Bollé, Barracuda Swim Goggles,Rec Specs,Vera Wang,KLiiK,and L'Amy. The photos are from The 4th Annual Cumulus Health Fair. I am picture with Dr. Rabins, and his chief optician, Linda. You can contact them at Optom-Eyes, 3585 Van Teylingen Drive, Suite B,Colorado Springs, CO 80917
TELEPHONE: (719) 550-EYES (3937) FAX: (719) 268-6694

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