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  • Karen Linamen You're responding on your show, yes?
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  • Kelly Harbin Matthew No return address;sounds like a cowardly act.
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  • Karen Linamen How about a calm "this raises some interesting questions, let's get some dialogue going" kind of on air response.
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  • Karen Linamen Questions this raises for me are...
  • Glenn Roy Chandler Jr Well Richard lets break it down. When you posted this you had already come to the decision to reveal it to the masses. That in itself was a huge step. Rather than just shredding it. The point about the hate miail is something Im sure you have encountered in the past. It almost comes with the territory.
  • Richard Randall it does come with the territory... usually disregard... this one really bugged me and i feel needs a response, and a clarification of exactly what I think.
  • Richard Randall I guess the tone of my reply is at issue.
  • Glenn Roy Chandler Jr Just stand on your high morals, and speak what you "know" is right. The rest is easy.
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  • Ted Bauer Just say "Merry Christmas" to one and all
  • Karen Linamen There is ignorance there, and frustration, and misdirected anger. Options? Let it push your buttons and respond out of that? Don't let your buttons get pushed and expose it for what it is?
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  • Karen Linamen If you blast, have you lowered yourself to his/her level? If you give a cold professional response, might it indicate he/she got to you? What about a shaking-your-head "can you believe the ignorance--and cowardice--of this person?"
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  • Karen Linamen You could also use a more reflective/musing/explaining tone to expound on what you just wrote, which I found intriguing... "Here is why this bugged me so much, and here's a clarification of what I think..." I would like to hear both those things!
  • David Ford The best response is Ice cold. Anger is good, but Mark Levin's weakness is that he froths at the mouth and raises his voice, thereby giving his critics what they want: an angry old white man. I recommend that when they anger you with this crap, get cold, LOWER your voice so people have to turn up the radio, and stay frosty. Those that get quiet when they are angry are the one people really fear.

    I miss listening to you. I guess I will need to listen over the internet now that I am back in Indiana.
  • Ted Griffin Happy Holidays is as equally valid as saying Merry Christmas, Richard- break it down- its actually stating Happy Holy Days. The truth be known, Christ wasn't even born in December. Why do get all worked up over this every Christmas? Don't Christians have MORE important things to be concerned about regarding what's important in their faith. As a follower of Christ, I know I do...
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  • Gary Boulware Passive-aggressive anger strikes again. To me, the fact that there is no name or return address, reeks of cowardice. This is something I would relegate to the status of junk mail. My daughter's guinea pig cage could use some more liner material....
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  • Ann Macomber You could go into a verse of Mele Kelikimaka while someone hums in the background!
  • Mayah Bennett Not sure I'm seeing the hate..only the frustration. My only question is if it's true. Do the announcers only say holiday? I work nights so don't listen to you like I once did. Being Jewish, my son went to a private Hebrew day school in ct. He got a christmas break in December. Why? Because many teachers were Christian and Christmas was important to them. I would only say to this man or woman, Merry Christmas! That's all he really wants is someone to hear him and love his holiday, not because it has meaning for me but because it has meaning for him. So as a Jew to him... merry Christmas! And make sure your baby Jesus is warm in the manger. They are forecasting neg. 30 mean temp that night.
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  • Tonya Hall Many are frustrated over this issue. I hear it all the time. I haven't been pay attention to your choice of words. ... (will now) .. but I make the effort to say everyone!
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  • Summer Morgan Vanderbilt Groubert My response would be simple, "Not everyone here is Jewish but Jesus was/is." Then if I wanted to elaborate... I would say that this letter is very anti-Christ and that Christmas is pagan so what are they trying to gain? (Personally, I always say Happy Holy Days... I am a Christian who acknowledges that Christmas is very pagan: the tree, the wreaths, Santa, and the rest is commercialism. From most perspectives Jesus's birth was either in Spring or September - so his birthday has past to... all that is left is the winter solstice. Have a wonderful winter solstice - Is that what he wants to hear?!? Have fun putting your kids on the American version of the Norse god Oden's lap? Lets not forget the origins of these new traditions, if people want Christ to be a part of Christmas they need to start changing the all of the above because what this really is, is paganism. This is a tame video compared to others about Santa's "Sidekicks")
    Nikolaus und Krampus 2012 in Dienten am Hochkönig.
  • Kimberly Hancock Tisor I would ignore. But feel free to explore the topic for your show, if you choose. But I like what one guy posted elsewhere on Facebook: "We should be less concerned with putting Christ in CHRISTmas and more concerned with putting Christ in CHRISTian."
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  • Allen Lofton I don't see any hate there. I guess I would start the show by saying merry Christmas. I might explain that most Jewish people aren't offended by that any more than Christians are offended by Habakkuk.
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  • Dave Chapman Say Merry Christmas.....move on.
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  • Josh Adams This qualifies at hate mail?
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  • Patrick M. Faley Looks likely it was sent by a radical right winger who is offended by using the political correct and less offensive generic term. Holidays.
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  • Ted Riggs I vote with Dave Chapman up above, say "Merry Christmas" on the air and just move on.
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  • Lisa Radisewitz carry on.....and Happy Holidays!
  • Patrick M. Faley Say whatever you want. ..but it's just as easy to say Holidays as Christmas and mean the exact same thing and spread that joyful greeting with everyone
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  • Billie Jo Tumlinson I say extend Grace. What does Grace look like to you in this situation?
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  • Jim Mallette Merry Christmas is was we say in our home....we will not buy cards that say happy holidays.
  • Jack Gloriod Don't let the bastards get you down! Just rejoice in Christ's Birth
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  • Jim Mallette I'm with you Colonel!
  • Rex Louth Merry Christmas, Richard. America was founded as a Christian nation, with Judeo-Christian values which support our freedom. I say Merry Christmas. I think the person sending this is frustrated with the politically correct emphasis in today's society. There is much more to be said on the entire topic.
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  • Rex Louth My response - - - take a deep breath - - - realize the person is voicing a frustration that goes far beyond Christmas - - - and respond accordingly
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  • Rex Louth (and if I were going to send this to you, I would have included a return address - - - it IS cowardly to voice such an intense opinion without attaching your name)
  • Bonnie Meehan Did KVOR announce this? If so, I sure haven't heard it or heard anyone not saying Merry Christmas. This person wants people to say Merry Christmas. I would just let it go and keep on saying Merry Christmas. I think this person probably heard someone saying this..not the station.
  • Ralph Hoefelmeyer I reply with Merry Solstice or some variant. Any excuse for a party is a good one.
  • William David Beadles Not hate, just making a point I think. The Holiday is Christmas. It was Christmas before it was a holiday. Say Merry Christmas. Dave 
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  • Nancy Mitchell This thing I know, YOU Richard say, Merry Christmas on the air. So is the shot meant toward those who are Jewish? Last time I checked, Jesus is a Jew. And that other thing, in Zechariah 2:8, "Whoever touches you (Israel), touches the apple of His eye." Mystery person, I'd watch what I was saying, you're fooling with the big Guy!
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  • Glenn Hodge If KVOR announced this, then simply say Merry Christmas and move on. Later, consider privately if you are on the right station, and if management reflects your values.
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  • John Morrisroe Merry Christmas 
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  • Allen Lofton Hannakuh
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  • Laura Dolan Merry Christmas & Happy HolidayS! Always the Merry Christmas
  • Laura Dolan To me, it will always be Merry Christmas. But, now I add, Happy HolidayS to cover all of the other holidays in this wonderful Season......
  • Richard Milligan Merry Christmas, been that way longer than any of us have been around and will be that way long after we've gone the way of the Dodo.
  • Patrick M. Faley Rex Louth Hate to burst your fictional bubble...BUT America was not founded as a Christian nation. So any comments beyond that are worthless.
  • Pam White its all about their salvation. looks like God is tugging on thier heart, why would a person even send such a thing? "a kind word turns away wrath."
  • Ellen Wilkinson Wessler There's nothing to be mad about. This person is only making a point and standing for Christmas. I too refuse to say anything other than Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to all 
  • Rex Louth Patrick M. Faley - Hate to burst YOUR fictional bubble - - - but it WAS... and I know that is hard for many to accept who wish the USA to continue down the path it is now traveling. Merry Christmas.
  • Mike Bonatti What is the issue??? The real question: does KVOR use Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas, and folks should really look into the history of Christmas in this country. in the early 1800's Christmas was not celebrated in the US by the predominated English ...See More
  • Jay Parkhurst Dont see any harm in this...Does KVOR only say happy holiday? If so why?
  • Thomas Clark Just tell him Merry Christmas on the air!!!

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