Tuesday, February 7, 2017



TEXT NUMBER ONE:  A feasibility study should be done for the downtown project. If it is viable, open it up to venture capital. Allow the investors to share in the profits.

TEXT NUMBER TWO:  Richard. The only way it's going to work downtown is if they build a retractable roof mountain shaped stadium. It can then be used for many other sports ( USOC ) where bad weather won't affect them. //// or a retractable dome stadium which could have a 4 ( basketball, baseball, soccer & volleyball ) corners sculptured on top of the dome. Robert. 

TEXT NUMBER THREE:  It would seem that those who want a downtown stadium dont support the team and stadium we now have. //// If it is so bad out east, why is all the growth out there? People want to live where the weather is crappy? /// Athletes overcome adversity not make excuses.  ////You are failing on your sell. You might want to try a new approach instead of double down. 

TEXT NUMBER FOUR:  I'm a walker and I find the bikers, for the most part, very rude. They bike past us going extremely fast and pass us so closely that they practically touch our clothing. Also, VERY few let you know they're coming. They scare the walkers!! 

TEXT NUMBER FIVE: Why don't they build the baseball stadium west 24. Near the Penrose arena. Close to downtown and they are already rebuilding the off ramp. Josh 

TEXT NUMBER SIX: 7: Richard. We love you but the mayor is right. I was very involved in world arena and raised money and helped make other accommodations. I have studied this issue at great length. El Pomar is the only reason it succeeded. Rich Laden does his homework. Gary Indiana does not look so good now. Only promoters got rich. Lee T. 

TEXT NUMBER SEVEN: : Richard, listen to you daily. Live just across I-25 from KVOR. Can't remember the last time I was downtown. 10 miles away for starters. No $ from me for downtown. Thanks, keep up the good work. Listener Dave 

TEXT NUMBER EIGHT:    For heaven's sake Richard, please learn how to pronounce the word mayor. It's MAY-OR, not "MARE"... Trump has fried your brain! 

TEXT NUMBER NINE:  Get rid of the homeless bums downtown and you may have more interest in a facility there. I don't like going in the downtown area unless I absolutely have to for that reason. It's disgraceful for our city. 

TEXT NUMBER TEN: As a life long bronco fan the highlight of the weekend was Terrel Davis making the 2017 hall of fame class 

TEXT NUMBER ELEVEN:  Richard. There is a lot of murderers in this nation. Gangsters, abortionists, Marxists, Communists, etc... Robert. 

TEXT NUMBER TWELVE: Richard I thought Iraq was a mistake always did. We could have used a more measured approach to managing that monster. Putin made a mistake going into Ukraine we made a mistake going into Iraq, people died and we should all learn our lessons 

TEXT NUMBER THIRTEEN: Best commercial: 2 lines of Budweiser Clydesdales horses facing each other playing football ///// Worst ever - Beyonce and her ho dance team. ////// Tim, every time Richard talks about Tebow, you should mention Baker Mayfield and the Sooners! 

TEXT NUMBER FOURTEEN:  Libs in MA, VT, CT are in a delimma. Supporter of the Patriots and not Trump but Brady is. Mental health hotlines might be busy.

TEXT NUMBER FIFTEEN: Ivanka has liberal views too. Hardly a conservative. Maybe they are anti semetic as she converted to Judaism when she got married. 

TEXT NUMBER SIXTEEN:  Libs are for immigrants except for the first lady and Cubans. Hypocrites 

TEXT NUMBER SEVENTEEN: Gaga will not be vagina but maybe a cat. She said it would be athletic though. 

TEXT NUMBER EIGHTEEN: Carol here. Someone so Brady's hate & demanded answers about. I think its was a person from Morehouse college. The person wrote about it saying Brady was worse than Colin Kaepernick. Idiots. 

TEXT NUMBER NINETEEN:  Tom Brady has been Shady since his days at the University of Michigan. Go Blue! People forget, UM lost the ability to participate in Bowl games for many years because the "Coach" was caught cheating. Brady was there too. He came up in a culture of corruption. Yet, he's still a great QB 

TEXT NUMBER TWENTY: Gaga also, 'swears to Lucifer' https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zvC7QAUhqF8 9:43 AM
The term 'Paddy Wagon' was also a disrespectful term towards the Irish. Interesting. 

TEXT NUMBER TWENTY-ONE: Richard, My team is the Packers and certainly not the Patriots so I probably won't watch the game. So hope the Falcons win! My favorite commercial was the Heinz commercial with the weiner dogs running across the field towards the Heinz bottles.

TEXT NUMBER TWENTY-TWO:  Beyonc 's hate the police and black lives matter theme has to be the worst ever! The Green Bay victory still has to be the sweetest, closely followed by the Carolina defeat!  ///////  Im a Floyd Little fan from way back! A different day and age. A selfless talent! 

TEXT NUMBER TWENTY-THREE:  Richard. Rudy needs to stop ignoring the truth. "Love it or leave it you traditional left wing Democrat !" Robert the Latino. 

NUMBER TWENTY-FOUR:   Richard have you seen or heard yet about the Budwieser advertisement for the game. If they truely are coming out on the right side and putting themselves out there we got to speak loudly with them. Would like to hear you tomro on this. 

TEXT NUMBER TWENTY-FIVE:  Ask Rudy where in the constitution it says a president can change laws. Obama suspended work requirment in welfare law and numerous aspects of ACA. 

TEXT NUMBER TWENTY-SIX:  Richard, you need to start using your lawyer skills and show the hypocracy of the liberal callers.  //////  Funny how liberals are all about the constitution execpt when it is ignored for stuff they want. Sanctuary cities, gun control, free speech of non liberals... 

TEXT NUMBER TWENTY-SEVEN;  Berkley is example of love Trumps hate and the tollerance of the left. ///// When you cant defend your ideas, result to name calling. ////  ///// I have been called worse by a lot better people, but thanks for trying to play. ////// The ends justify the means with liberals. Constitution be damned. 

TEXT NUMBER TWENTY-EIGHT:  I'm sorry to say this because I feel I'm a tolerant person, but I'm going to boycott listening to his ignorance.   /////  Speaking about Rudy's ignorance... 

TEXT NUMBER TWENTY-NINE:  Remind people of 2012 horrific rape of 53 yo springs women by Iraqi refugees. 

TEXT NUMBER THIRTY:  We need to drive the conversation away from the "nuclear option" to say the Republicans in the Senate will use the "Harry Reid" rules. 

TEXT NUMBER THIRTY-ONE:  Richard, let's talk about Impeach Trump!!! He is getting close to!!! I will give him couple months!!! Republican and Democrats are working on it!!! Let's Save American of natioanlism!!!! //// 
Richard, why do you care about if refugees are not Christians.. if you have denied your Christianity!!! Do not play double moral.. you should tell your listeners.. I do not care if we have Christians or Muslim... or tells us if you are Christian and willing to die for Christ!!!! 

TEXT NUMBER THIRTY-TWO:   Since Trump (and it had only been 11 days) every day is Christmas! ☺ Shirley-Elizabeth, CO. 

TEXT NUMBER THIRTY-THREE:  Allison here. I think Trumps stretegy is having the libs wear out fast. They are spread thin, their potesters are spread thin. Genius! Please mention how the court is stacked against protestants. This is why the engelical vote was important even in 2012 

TEXT NUMBER THIRTY-FOUR:    I am not an environmentalist! I am a conservationist! There is a major difference and it would be good if someone would explain that in depth to these liberal snowflakes! 

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