Tuesday, January 20, 2009


There. It is done. I hope i am dead wrong on everything i have said about him, and that he is not just a good president, but a great one... for if he is, it will be good for America and you and I.

Could we have a little more applause for the thanks for President Bush.

Can you imagine the peaceful transfer of power 44 times. I love this country so much.



betsmeier said...

The only thanks I will give Bush is the great transition. He did very well.
But I'm glad he's gone. This country now has a new beginning. Thank goodness!

kvan said...

Our country has sadly become an emotionally driven society. Reality through the prism of emotional thinking will be our undoing. Logic, common sense, and rational thinking are a mere memory for so many Americans. People really want to feel good and they wan it immediately, we do not want to work (which destroyed the Romans), we do not want to look at the hard truths that define a leader's charater (which led to the Nationalist Socialist Party, Ancient Persia and Media, And of course USSR), we are much to destracted by pop culture and the decadence of the famous ( Greece, Rome, Persia, Media just to name a few fallen societies). We CANNOT learn from history!! I am so saddened!! But that would initiate logic, facts, common sense, and that is simply not popular, or cool, or perhaps it does not make us feel good. I often remember my Great- grandfather who would say (in five languages) 'Do not confuse me with the facts, I just want to do what I want to do.'
President GW Bush has my utmost respect and appreiation. He may be the last of the true MEN in our SICK country and that will be proven (we will of coourse not learn a damn thing from it but at least it will be a talking point for the moronic media!!) Thank you President Bush and my precious children thank you too! You did the HARD things. Kirsten