Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Carter tightens my stomach (and to think i was so young and foolish that i voted for him... for change)
Bush Sr. now looks old (he wasn't RR, but i liked him)
Clinton... when he shook hands with Pres. Bush... did he look at him with a eye that said "i wish i were more like him"?
don't chant "obama, obama, obama" it's not a rally
and don't cheer during the prayer
and a nice prayer it was
retha sounds great and THAT is one easter bonnet
darn right you cheer after that singing

i look at obama
and he will soon be my President
and yours too
i WILL give him the respect that office deserves
and my prayers too
but it will not mean i will not hold him accountable for doing the right things for our country
i will take him to task when it is called for

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