Saturday, December 20, 2008

and now... CHRISTMAS

As mentioned this morning... I AM pretty darn specific about the season when it comes to movies, music, etc. It IS the best time of year and i only go with the good stuff. Let's start with movies. These are "musts".

1. "It's A Wonderful Life": it doesn't get any better... really.
2. "Joyeux Noel": A look at the "Christmas Truce" of 1914. In the middle of World War One there was magic... if only for a day or two.
3. "What Would Jesus Buy": funny and serious all at the same time. a harsh look at just how we can jump the track when it comes to the true meaning of Christmas.
4. "The Polar Express": let me get this right.... i get Christmas and trains and tom hanks a great story and animation all in one movie???
5. "A Christmas Story": my older brother told me about this movie a year or two before it hit it big. And for the record the one time someone tried to shoot me in the eye with a bb gun it hit me in the cheek. Then again, i do recall my brother and i throwing darts at each other one Christmas.
6. "Holiday Inn": the first movie in which the song "White Christmas" was featured. (not to be confused with "White Christmas". In college, we Tekes would get together every year to watch this and perhaps have a beverage or two.
7. "A Christmas Carol": frightened me as a kid. it is a classic. dickens is as good as they come, just a matter of which version you like.

Hope you make time to watch your favorites... or give me a heads up to one i might like. Merry Christmas

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