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YEAR: 2006

SEASON: Spring


STATE: Colorado

COUNTY: El Paso County

LOCATION DETAILS: Area can be reached via HWY 115 from the north or south...Exit I-25 on South Academy BLVD and drive south to the intersection of Academy BLVD and HWY 155, then drive south approximately 20 minutes.

NEAREST TOWN: Colorado Springs or Fort Carson


OBSERVED: My son and I were turkey hunting on BLM land near Fort Carson, CO. We arrived in the area around 0930hrs. My son is only 3 and 1/2 years old, so we were moving slowly to find a good spot to set up. We were approximately 500 yards off the west side of Sate Hwy 115 in the Table Mountain area. We found a decent site to set up on and started our hunt. I called a few times with my diaphram calls and we heard one turkey gobble about 100yds away. My sun was busy playing with rocks right next to our site. At about 1030hrs I noticed a truck driving down a dirt road that runs through the area. I watched the truck drive through the area and as it turned down a left hand bend in the road, I caught some movement out the corner of my right eye. The movement was approximately 600yds away. I picked up my binoculars to get a better look, hoping it was a turkey coming in to my calls. When I got focused on the object, it definately appeared larger than a turkey, so I checked it out more and focused the lenses better. What I saw, I don't know for sure, but it appeared to be walking upright on its hind legs and and was covering a great deal of ground in a short span of time but was not running. I estimated the being to be approximately 6-7ft in height. It was walking northwest from my location. After about a minute or two it disappeared into some high brush and thickets. That terrain went up and over a little rise. I did not see anything else after that. We left the area about an hour later. I was shakin a little bit from excitement, but didn't want to hang around too much longer. I have told no one of this thinking myself to be a little crazy at the time, but I know I wasn't seeing things and it actualy hapened. I only tell this now to get it off my chest and let you guys determine if what I have said and seen is true or not. The temperature was warm and the sky was clear and sunny.

OTHER WITNESSES: Not really, my 3 yr old son was playing with some rocks in our set-up

OTHER STORIES: Have reviewed this site after the incident and found other sitings in this area

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Mid-morning to almost Noon time, sky was clear and sunny, temperature was warm

ENVIRONMENT: Mountainous, rocky terrain, just south of Cheyenne Mountain Air Station


Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator David Petti:

After a telephone interview with the witness, a few details can be added to his report. He is a soldier stationed at Ft. Carson and was in between tours of Iraq at the time of this sighting. Prior to this incident, he had not even considered the possibility of these creatures being present in this area but a subsequent internet search convinced him that he may have actually seen a bigfoot because of the numerous other reports in the same general vicinity. For fear of ridicule, he has not discussed his apparent sighting with anyone but felt compelled to make it known and get it on the record.

From his vantage point, the figure was off to the west toward Table Mountain and was headed in a northerly direction toward Cheyenne Mountain and the southern slopes of Pikes Peak. The location is on or very near the El Paso and Fremont County line.

After first noticing the movement, he watched the figure in the distance by eye for almost a minute. Realizing that it was much larger than a turkey, he continued watching through his binoculars for another thirty to forty-five seconds. Due to the uniform dark-brown to black coloring and apparent size, he then thought he was looking at a bear, and then a bear on two legs, at which point he was stunned by the certainty that it was not a bear. The figure clearly walked on two legs for the duration of the sighting. The witness was struck by the apparent speed of the creature walking, but never running, which covered an estimated three to four hundred meters or more while he was focused in on it. He felt certain that, in comparison, he would not be able to cover that amount of distance in that time. The figure was in the open in high grass until he lost sight of it when it went into the brush and then behind a hillside. He kept watching in that direction for several more minutes but saw nothing more.

YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

STATE: Colorado

COUNTY: El Paso County

LOCATION DETAILS: about 5 miles south of Colorado Springs on highway 115 at the botttom of the hill on a part of the road that the locals call Red Hill.It was on the east side of the road at the end of a highway guardrail.

NEAREST TOWN: Colorado Springs

NEAREST ROAD: Highway 115

OBSERVED: I was driving down the highway in a tractor-trailer rig about 3:30a.m.I was driving about 65 mph.I went around a corner and on the left side of the road I saw something that at first I thought was a deer.This thing than stood upright and seemed to be more than 7 feet tall.I was able to look at it for just a moment as I was driving by.It had wide shoulders and an ape-like face.It's eyes were yellow like a cat's eyes when you shine a light on them.It just kind of looked at me when I went by.I wasn't able to see anything else.

OTHER WITNESSES: just myself

OTHER STORIES: none that I've heard of

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 3:30 am.The skies were cloudy.It was a dark stretch of road with no lights.

ENVIRONMENT: It is a mountainous area with pine trees and juniper bushes.There is a residential area on the west side of the road and Fort Carson Military Reservation on the east side.

A & G References: T16s R67w, section 11, SW4, NE4, 6th Prime Meridian


Follow-up investigation report:

The report submitted by this fellow was quite thorough so my conversation with him yielded little additional information. However, I was impressed by his story.

The witness was driving his regular route, headed southbound on Hwy 115. It was pre-dawn and overcast, so the night was dark. The sighting occurred on the left (east) side of road lasting the short time the animal was lit by his headlights. While approaching the animal "it was kind of bent over, and as I got closer it kind of stood up." He then noted that it was not a deer or bear as he had begun to assume. It had "eyes in front not like a bear" and "was big with shoulders." He couldn’t tell the color of its fur.

He would’ve looked for tracks later but it snowed that day. He didn’t expect to find any.

The witness, like other Colorado Springs locals, knows the hill as “Red Hill” though it is not designated as such on the USGS quadrangle. Red Hill is approximately 6 miles south of the Fort Carson main gate. Hwy 115 follows the western boundary of Ft. Carson Military Reservation. This is also about 5 miles from NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) located inside Cheyenne Mountain.

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