Saturday, December 20, 2008


i love this photo. it says it all about the candidate and his campaign. just make it up and people will buy it. really. if i were him and someone suggested this... i would say "look, i'm be president pretty soon, i'll get the real deal... i'm pretty sure people know who and what i am... blue background and flag are one thing but some tacky, made-up "thing".... i don't think so... people are smarter than that... oh wait... they elected me." (again, just clearing the deck before the Christmas mood overtakes me and i sing Kumbaya right after i play silent night sitting by the fire.) (which i will post in short order)

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betsmeier said...

You know what Richard. You are really a nit picker aren't you. We have a President right now who has damn near destroyed this nation. He and Cheney are unreal. All of you say is "he kept the nation safe." How do you know. Because he told you? Well, he also told us that Iraqis were part of the 9-11, and then we find out they were Saudis. Hmm, and he's good friends with Saudis. But I guess that's okay, after all he's a Republican. Well, so am I and I DID not vote for McCain. And I really didn't vote for Bush the second time. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Well he didn't fool me.

And the picture of Obama with a cigarette. So what. He smoked. I used to smoke too. And there are other Presidents that smoked. Give me a break.