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February 22 at 4:37pm
we are twin brothers from different mothers. Muskrat Love is at the top of my list. Even worse than "My Ding-a-ling" by the great Chuck Berry.

February 22 at 4:41pm
Muskrat Love is number one with a bullet. Although I love My Ding-a-ling.

February 22 at 5:03pm
Little Queenie, Carol, Maybellene, Johnny B. Goode, Roll Over Bethoven, Let It Rock, Rock & Roll Music, Back In The U.S.A., Come On, You Can't Catch Me, No Particular Place To Go, Memphis,Tennessee, Sweet Little Sixteen... and "My Ding-a-Ling" IS his best selling hit so someone must agree with you.

February 22 at 5:12pm
"Halleluia" The lyrics to the Cohen are disgusting, and the re-writes just make it worse. Overplayed, almost as much as "The Wedding Song" was in the 80s.

February 22 at 4:50pm
Seasons In The Sun.

February 22 at 5:11pm
I liked the Kingston Trio version, but the Billy Jacks cover reeks.

February 22 at 5:14pm
Lyrics originally in French never translate to English well.

February 22 at 5:56pm

I just thought of another, if it counts that edges out Muskrat Love...

Sunshine Day
You just don't get much campier than this.

February 22 at 5:14pm
You, and I, watched waaay too much TV, if we both remember these.

February 22 at 5:15pm
That was the 70's for you.

February 22 at 10:12pm
Tiptoe Through the Tulips by Tiny Tim. Nothing ever sounded worse than that.

February 22 at 5:31pm
Rubber duckie, or Tip toe thru the tulips.

February 22 at 5:53pm
Tiptoe through the (dreaded) tulips.

February 22 at 8:56pm
Happy , by some guy no one ever heard of. Also most anything on my little nephews stereo

February 22 at 6:01pm
99 Luftballoons
February 22 at 6:20pm
She's got a way with words by Blake Shelton. Hate it.

February 22 at 6:24pm
The Joker

February 22 at 6:31pm
Anything rap. Anything punk. The Ramones were the worst.

February 22 at 6:54pm
Acky breaky heart by Billy Ray Cyrus

February 22 at 7:16pm
Horse With No Name

February 22 at 7:21pm
McArthur's Park- Hate Hate Hate that lame ass song.

February 22 at 7:49pm
The Streak - Ray Stevens

February 22 at 8:01pm
Still "Come on Baby, Light My Fire".
I used to work graveyard shift, and at the point you didn't think you could go in any longer, some genius DJ would play the damn thing.
The organ solo, my 3 year old at the time could have done better....
February 22 at 9:00pm
Pina colada song.
And whomever posted seasons in the sun.

February 22 at 9:10pm
Anything by U2. Pretentious Douchebags.

February 22 at 9:25pm
Sugar, Sugar by the Archies. a cartoon band made up of stage musicians (no knock against Stage musicians) but really? A number one song by a bunch of cartoon characters?

February 22 at 4:40am
I like the song. And the pre-fab four, the Monkees.

February 22 7:06am
Red, red wine...

February 22 at 5:03am
Midnight at the oasis.

Yesterday at 6:57am
Bill Greene
Bill Greene "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger. Seriously? "Motoring"??? That's your hook line? What the hell does "price for flight" mean? And why are you so dang ANTHEMY about it?? Oh, and did you run out of words that rhyme with "flight"? NO!! BECAUSE YOU USED ALL OF THEM, EXCEPT "BLIGHT"... WHICH IS WHAT THIS SONG IS TO MY EARS. ugh. Ahem. Sorry. Blech.

Yesterday at 7:07am
Most 60s protest songs.

Yesterday at 7:12am
OH! ... And anything pretty much written by Collective Soul (aka by me, Collective DROLL), especially "Shine" and "December". It's like the lead singer's no talent teenage cousin just started to play a few chord progressions in his year two guitar clas...See More

Yesterday at 7:31am
PLUS! .... COLORADO RADIO, can we PLEASE, for the love of all that isn't Collective Droll, stop playing "SWEET HOME ALABAMA"??? Yes! We know, already. It's a rocking, good ol' boy pick-me-up from the 70's that's a commentary on Niel Young. WE GET IT! I...See More

Yesterday at 7:32am · Edited
Oh Man....I miss your show sooooooooooooo much!!!!! are the worst...We Built this City on Rock and Roll....Anything by Huey Lewis and the News...Hall and Oats...Maneater....America...Magic

Yesterday at 7:40am
Happy birthday to you. Yuck

Yesterday at 8:16am
I would have to go with My ding-a-ling.

23 hrs
Knights in White Satin makes me feel ill

23 hrs
I'm Henry the Eighth I am

23 hrs
Saturday in the Park

23 hrs
Love the shirt!
"Yellow submarine"

22 hrs
anything by Captain and Tenile

21 hrs
Rockin' Robin.

15 hrs
Oh Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz.... by Janis Joplin.
Or ANYTHING by the Beatles.

1 hr
Don't worry, be happy.

1 hr
Thanks Richard, now I have that damn song stuck in my head.😡
1 hr

Liittleton, CO
2/24/17 9:24 AM 56 minutes ago

"Whip it..whip it good" one of the worst ever! 9:24 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/24/17 9:23 AM
 Carol here. Funny story about a song. When the song Roxanne came on the guy that worked for my husband thought they were saying rocks and sand. Too funny. 9:23 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/24/17 9:22 AM 
Worst song ever : Barbie Girl 9:22 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/24/17 9:21 AM 
Jack & Diane WORST song ever. DO NOT PLAY!! 9:21 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/24/17 9:00 AM 
Drip Drop by the Drifters and Crimson and Clover by Tommy James 9:00 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/24/17 8:57 AM 
Worst song... "Disco Duck". - from Dave in Bewna Vista! 8:57 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/24/17 8:55 AM 
Under the Boardwalk 8:55 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/24/17 8:55 AM
 I was a kindergarten teacher in AK when Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men came out. Imagine 24 5-6 years old singing this song daily 😜 8:55 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/24/17 8:52 AM 
Yellow Submarine 8:52 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/24/17 8:49 AM 
Richard it's a magnum friend Ryan. The Ryan. The worst song for me is I believe in a thing called love by the darkness. OMG. Horrible. 8:49 AM
Colorado Springs, CO
2/24/17 8:39 AM 
Muskrat Love is by Willis Allen Ramsay...Falcon Dave 8:39 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/23/17 9:53 AM
Richard, a lady would not want to take off her top and walk around town, because she is a LADY. Thank you, Cindy Weiss 9:53 AM

Walsenburg, CO
2/23/17 9:50 AM 
the only thing with the 8th grade in the past compared to our world is they had better English and higher grade schooling then our touchy feely now... also, deals like you said, posture, I've negotiated 6 figure deals and walking away from thier offer to get to my high 6 figure is a normal deal.. Karl in Burg 9:50 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/23/17 9:42 AM
 When you cannot defend your positions in the arena of ideas, you have to eliminate the opposition by any means. 8:44 AM
The issue is locker rooms at school and public facilites. Both fall under bathroom rules. 9:14 AM
College admissions might increase for guys at Ft Collins. First pot, now topless women. 9:22 AM
Rudy just convinced me not to listen on Sat. 9:42 AM

Las Vegas, NV
2/23/17 9:36 AM 
To the last caller: Genesis 1:27. Male and Female were in Adam before the woman was made. Just like us today: X & Y genes. All of us were female before we were born. Confusing, I know. I'm a Christian but science supports the Creation theory. So, in short, people can be corn confused. God says 'Be fruitful and multiply...'. Same genders can't multiply and that's were they willfully defy God's goal for humanity. 9:36 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/23/17 9:33 AM 
Since Caitlin Jenner is still Bruce below the waist, if she/he went topless, would it be illegal? 9:33 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/23/17 9:33 AM 
Richard, one of the previous call told us about there are people do not have concerns. I wish you would asked him, what do he think about our goverment are in Russian hands? I'm ashamed of what Donald did to our Country!!! We are Americans, not Russians!!!! 9:30 AM
I am so sorry I voted for a Russian goverment here in America. Better to have a real left american goverment ( Sanders or Hillary) than left Russian goverment ( Donald!!!) 9:33 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/23/17 9:30 AM 
Carol here. I told my husband this a.m. that women have lost all self respect. 9:30 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/23/17 9:29 AM 
Sick of hearing about pedophiles, homosexuals, and transgenders. PLEASE move on!!!!!!!!! 9:29 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/23/17 9:22 AM 
There are two cards to play in every situation the truth card and the compassion card. Even though Christ himself mainly played the compassion card he still knew when to play the truth card. Seems like we play the compassion card on every issue nowadays. And if you dare play the truth card you are considered a hate monger 9:22 AM
Colorado Springs, CO
2/23/17 9:17 AM
Bennet doesn't care about how he looks as a Coloradoan, he care about his status as a died in the wool socialist Democrat. 9:09 AM
I believe the guy who visited the White House 300 times is also married to a senator or house rep. 9:17 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/23/17 6:07 AM 
😂Worst song ever anything by madonna 😂pllllleeeeeeaaaasssseee tell the guys at peak 92.9 to stop playing her music 😂 6:07 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/22/17 10:26 AM

In 1994 I had to call the KS cops 3 different times because my teenager wasn't where he was supposed to be. Each time they found him and brought him home and helped me put the fear of God into him. He is a very successful 34 year old who did 2 tour in Iraq and very much appreciates the rule of law today 10:26 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/22/17 10:25 AM 
Fwd: This is kay. I was hoping to talk about how the police became our heros during this stalking and domestic violence case. I will wait for your show on those topics. It took 3 years. Please address spoofing as it cannot be proved when you talk about cyber stalking. 10:25 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/22/17 10:25 AM

You missed what your caller was saying. The school resource officers are CSPD and EPSO officers. They are are not hoping to be cops, they are cops that are assigned to the schools. 9:50 AM
Thanks for your show. As a police officer it is very encouraging to hear the positive comments from the public at a time when everyone only highlights the negative. After 20 years on the job it's a great reminder that the negativity does not represent the majority. Thank you! 10:25 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/22/17 10:00 AM 
Hey Richard, most of us get nervous to get stopped by a police officer. I've never drank, but do speed occasionally. But my roommate taught me a great lesson when we were driving to Nebraska. She was speeding but she was SO POLITE to the officer. He just told us we had a burned out light. I learned so much from her example. 10:00 AM

Denver, CO
2/22/17 9:43 AM 
I am a police wife (my husband is with CSPD) and I want to thank u SO much for doing this show today. It warms my heart to hear all these positive stories It has been a horrible 8 years for police families. It is more stressful then anyone can ever imagine being married to a police officer (so everyone please keep the spouses in your thoughts and prayers) And I just want your listeners to know that when any officer gets hurt or killed it truly does effect every single one of us! Bless all our police officers AND their families!! 9:43 AM

Las Vegas, NV
2/22/17 9:27 AM
 Thought I'd share this: "The Process of the 2nd Chance". I did this for school in 2011. Figured it might help some of your listeners and friends. It's from our 1st conversation in 2009. 9:27 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/22/17 9:23 AM 
Hi Richard, I want to give a big shout out to the officers who do watch in our movie theaters and in my church. They are so appreciated. I'm not sure if this is a volunteer assignment or not but they are very much appreciated. Big thanks to these officers. 9:23 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/22/17 9:22 AM 
There will be a Bull Riding called Buck for the Fallen to benefit the Flying Wheel Foundation on May 6th at the El Paso County Fair grounds in Calhan, Co. Facebook page Buck For The Fallen for details 9:22 AM

Arvada, CO
2/21/17 10:02 AM 
I and many others are sick and tired of Rudy. His condescending greeting and delusional thinking. He is Trump deranged. 9:47 AM
The liberals, including Rudy and Socialist Steve, are so deranged that they are grasping at anything through magical thinking. 10:02 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/21/17 9:53 AM 
Rudy lawyer speak. He never said he read it on liberal site and then on a legal site. Only that he read it on a legal site. 9:53 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/21/17 9:50 AM 
Richard, it was on MSNBC last night with Lawrence O'Donnell. Tried to call, but line is busy. Love your show  9:49 AM
The 25th Amendment, that is! 9:50 AM

Honolulu, HI
2/21/17 9:49 AM 
Rudy and Media smoking crack 9:44 AM
Crack I tell you! 9:49 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/21/17 9:48 AM 
How about ads we love or hate on radio or tv as topic. 9:30 AM
Shut Rudy up and apologize to Ed. Call once a week? 9:45 AM
I am shutting you off. Too much time for rudy too often 9:48 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/21/17 9:46 AM 
Carol here. I bet Milo got on a roll and said something stupid and wishes he had never said it. And if Beck is pulling this crap shame on him. Not very Christian of him. The only thing Beck would do is bash TRUMP at CPAC. 9:22 AM
Carol again. Hey Rudy, Obama should have been impeached in his first month when he went overseas and bowed to everyone and bashed America. 9:46 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/21/17 9:45 AM
 Will be interesting to hear what he says at the press conference this afternoon. Saying he was not quoted right. I was planning on buying his book. 8:58 AM
Really Rudy! You need to get a real grip on reality sooner then later bud 9:45 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/21/17 9:43 AM
 Damn Richard, I KNEW you would spin that sicko Milo's statement in your sick republican/conservative direction. I should not have expected any less! You and milo are cut from the same hateful cloth... 9:43 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/21/17 9:28 AM 
According to CO Refugee Coord, Kit Tainto w/ CO Dept of Human Services CO has rec'd 5894 refugees since2013, many from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq & Somalia 9:28 AM
We are scheduled for 2195 more in '17 which would be a total of 7893. That's more than populations of some of our counties. Where r they? How many 9:28 AM
in el Paso county? 9:28 AM
Colorado Springs, CO
2/21/17 9:21 AM

Stop spinning. This isn't about Muslim immigration. It's about CPAC, Simon&Schuster, Twitter and Milo. You are dead wrong about Milo. Be a man and admit it. .....Falcon Dave ( if you need to publicly state 'I'm not gay' there might be a problem there) 9:21 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/21/17 9:10 AM 
Hey Richard Chris from hawaii. I just watched a reply to all this milo stuff from him on YouTube last night. Have you seen this yet 9:10 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/21/17 9:07 AM 
What did milo do? 9:07 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/21/17 8:57 AM

Talking about homosexual sex? Man boy oral sex? Richard, don't stoop to this! Turning you OFF!! 8:57 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/21/17 8:47 AM

Are you serious talking about it? When we have a President telling us lies!!! And spending our taxes in going to his mansion!!! Give me a break!!! 8:47 AM
Colorado Springs, CO
2/20/17 9:41 PM 
I sent this note to Melania Melania: You remain low key for several weeks seemingly behind the scenes but when you come out, you come out in a stellar display of courage, leadership, and integrity with your bold "The Lord's Prayer". We are now so accustomed to whores, sluts, and wenches inhabiting the White House that we are ecstatic at such a display of American Womanhood. You are indeed participating in Making America Great Again and turning your participation into a "Class Act" like no previous First Lady has ever done before. I shall have to say of all the immigrants that have come to our shores you now retain the number one welcome position of all of them. You have distinguished yourself as an American citizen far, far above most natural born citizens. We the natural born roll out the red carpet to Donald and Melania Trump. We shall continue to assault the gates of hell on your behalf in prayer. God Bless You, your family, and may God bless the United States of America. 9:41 PM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/20/17 1:20 PM 
What do you think of your guy Milo now? Publicly showing sympathy for pedophiles ... 1:20 PM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/20/17 10:01 AM 
George Washington was known as the best dancer, Jefferson was an accomplished violinist. 10:01 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/20/17 9:46 AM

Jackie Kennedy may have been a beautiful, classy woman but as a role model she is not on my list. She put up with multiple affairs by Jack Kennedy. Where are 9:46 AM
the women's libers there? 9:46 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/20/17 9:44 AM
 I have a President's story for you. President Eisenhower came to Clovis, NM in 1955 or 56 on a farm tour. My Dad was a Captain on the NM State Police and was the head of the local security. I got to ride with my Dad during the tour. We were headed back to Cannon Air Force Base but Eisenhower needed to go pee. We stopped at my house and he used the bathroom and my Mom made him a sandwich. 9:44 AM

Northbrook, IL
2/20/17 9:42 AM
Eleanor Roosevelt had a face only a mother could love. 9:41 AM
Eleanor Roosevelt fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. 9:42 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/20/17 9:37 AM

Carol here. I sent u a text on Friday about President TRUMP pulling out the chair for women. Rudy's message was chivalry is not dead. I beg to differ. I can't tell you how many times I hold the door for a man and never get a thank u and I let them know how rude they are. 8:48 AM
Carol again. I used to be a democrat. Changed parties several years ago. I'm so glad I switched. Now with a great President in office I feel like I'm winning every day. Thank God for TRUMP. 9:14 AM
Carol again. And she dressed like a slob. 9:37 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/20/17 9:37 AM

Reagan = Best   Obama = Worst Obama = ugliest (attitude wise) 9:11 AM
Abraham, Martin and John 9:37 AM
Colorado Springs, CO
2/20/17 9:30 AM

The name President's Day is once again allowing marketers to drive the conversation. The official holiday as passed by Congress and published by the Office of Personnel Management is "Washington's Birthday." Yes, we have a holiday named after a President. HTTPS:// 9:30 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/20/17 9:28 AM
I believe every President is "worthy" of inclusion in President 's Day, if only because they have provided our country with a learning experience of what does and does not constitute a "good" leader. Kathy 9:28 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/20/17 9:19 AM
Richard, my favorite President is Trump.. he makes me laugh all the time!!! Just last Friday was the best conference. 8:50 AM
My favorite President is Donald, my Kids laugh of him with all the crazy ideas he say.. my Kids and I were laughing about veto media news!!!! 8:53 AM
Favorite President!!! Donald Trump!! He is a show men!!!! 9:19 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/20/17 9:18 AM 4 days ago

Today's national holiday is officially Washington's birthday, not Presidents Day. Check it out. 9:18 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/20/17 8:50 AM

Harry Truman's wife was called Ugly Bess. Thanks,Kevin 8:50 AM

Arvada, CO
2/18/17 7:00 AM 
In order to survive, the media panders to their subscribers through "fake" news. "Real" accurate news isn't sought by their gullible, biased subscribers. 6:31 AM
Trump knows the people who put him over the top in MI, WI and PA want a fighter. It's not only his nature, it's cathartic to his most ardent supporters. 6:38 AM
Ashley is right! Socialist Steve is deranged and, like all leftists, relishes annoying the right when they are out of power. 6:54 AM

Ashlee believes she is always right - and she is right on this one. 7:00 AM

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