Thursday, March 16, 2017


Colorado Springs, CO
3/3/17 11:29 AM 
Hey Richard, Pikes peak firearms coalition city council candidate forum. 5/9 at the vfw on pikes peak 7 til 9 pm. Jeff Crank is moderator. Call me if you want more info, love a plug to get people there to hear about our local govt. Have a great day   Elizabeth   11:29 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/3/17 9:59 AM

Carol here. Check out Cedric Richmond nasty things about Kellyanne. 9:59 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/3/17 9:52 AM
What's Doug's opinion on term limits? Falcon Dave 9:28 AM
Good job Tim Fisher , piss on a veteran ( Ventura) ..your boy Trump is WWF too..Fakcon Dave 9:52 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/3/17 9:48 AM

Has Hillary ever been called before Congress to explain her relationship with Russia? Didn't she sell them some uranium? Every time the Democrats come in the 9:48 AM
room I smell red herring! 9:48 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/3/17 9:44 AM 
Good morning Richard, Please help me understand how the news treatment is not bullying and cyber-bulling when it comes to Ms. Conway. 9:44 AM

Las Vegas, NV
3/3/17 9:34 AM 
Top of Drudge: Senator Chucky Schumer courts Putin in 2003... Hmm... 'What's good for the goose is good for the gander'. Not sure if it was mentioned. 8:59 AM
Think back to the beginning of the Ukraine and Crimea issue: The 'Elected' Ukraine government signed an energy deal with Russia instead of the EU. Then their elected president was ousted because of mass division within their administration. Then came sanctions on Russians and the annexation of Crimea. My opinion is, it's the same forces at work here and now. Using the exact same tactics to have Our Elected President step down of abandon office. "A house divided amongst itself cannot stand" 9:33 AM
Same actors are in play: McCain, Grahmm, Schumer. All those who pushed sanctions then are the same ones conducting the Russian witch hunt. Thx 9:34 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/3/17 9:34 AM 
On my way to work getting gas. Channel 13 jump s around the corner of the gas station. They ask me what I think about the guy walking around naked in widefield, and as a father of 5 daughters my advice for talking to children about something like that. Typical Merida/ left positions. 60 seconds to explain loss of mores in the community, and being defensive, making excuses for the perpetrator instead of holding them accountable. 9:34 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/3/17 9:25 AM 
Richard Varney & Company just highlighted a photo of the Russian ambassador during President Trump's speech. He was standing, apparently he had just gotten up, surrounded by Democrats. 9:25 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/3/17 9:18 AM 
How come libs and Dems never hold their side to the same standards? They are hypocrites and is why they have been losing at the ballot box. 8:56 AM
Richard, there is going to be 4 years of witch hunts. You should just ignore them and not even aknowledge it exists. 9:18 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/3/17 9:14 AM
Defending garbage once again. .. 9:14 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/3/17 9:08
 Ask for conclusive proof not circumstantial crud that they are good at throwing around. Stand up for America and those who have and are serving us, the American people. 9:08 AM

Arvada, CO
3/3/17 8:45 AM

Sorry, but can't take Jerry or Rudy any longer. Giving them a forum to undermine the salvation of this country is too much. Turned your show off. 8:45 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/3/17 8:41 AM
 As American we deserve to know the conversation!!! They could be doing bad thinks to American interest!!! 8:41 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/2/17 10:03 AM

In the United States and Canada, a sanctuary city is a loosely defined term for a city that welcomes refugees and illegal immigrants. The designation has no precise legal meaning, <1> <2> but generally applies to cities that do not use municipal funds or resources to enforce national immigration laws, and may forbid their police or municipal employees to inquire about a person's immigration status or share such information with immigration enforcement - and by ensuring that all residents have access to city services, regardless of immigration status. Such a policy can be set out expressly in a law (de jure) or observed only in practice (de facto). 7:26 AM
If I am illegal or not is not the important thing. The important thing is the majority of immigrants coming to this Country came to work. Of course they are bad guys, but these guys do not deserve even to live in their own Country. Not because 1 % of these guys.. we are bad guys!!! 10:03 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/2/17 9:40 AM

Obama made3.2 mil in salary how did he leave office wort 7.2mil 9:40 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/2/17 9:39 AM
Liberals, & conservatives too, have lowered their standards of evidence. This is the essence of fake news. All you have to do is ask your Jeff sessions critic "how do you know that?" I also think media people must do a better job detailing how it is they really know what they say. O'Reilly no longer goes with any unnamed sources. 9:39 AM
"Screw you." Yea verily! Be well. 9:39 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/2/17 9:34 AM 
Sessions was not a surrogate for Trump then either. 8:57 AM
When they can't defend their position and are losing the debate, they resort to name calling. 9:34 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/2/17 9:32 AM
 Richard. You and Tim are terrific additions to our community. Jill Gaebler and Helen Collins are fine people. No one is perfect. The establishment ties are trying to cram their puppets down our throats. Don't let them. 9:32 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/2/17 9:32 AM

Hi Richard, All the "Dummycrats" can do is pick at petty things. Oh that they would devote this time to serving their constituents-what a concept 🙄 9:32 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/2/17 9:31 AM 
Carol here. Senators meet with ambassadors all the time. My God the ignorance runs rampant in the DIMMS world. 8:59 AM
Carol again. There is now a Les Deplorable wine. 9:31 AM

Honolulu, HI
3/2/17 9:13 AM 
No COS sanctuary. We need to follow the rule of law. 8:53 AM
Somehow we need to hold immigrant countries accountable for not providing for their own citizens. Maybe receive some of their oil revenue or gain access to 9:13 AM
some of their nature resources. 9:13 AM
Arvada, CO
3/2/17 9:12 AM 
Patrick is deranged. I hope he has nothing sharper than a spoon in his possession. He needs professional help. 9:12 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/2/17 9:05 AM 
You are ridiculous, you claim you are not hateful? You are full of hate Richard. The way you dealt with that man before the break, he was right, you are trying to smoke screen the fact that the idiot in chief trump has serious Russian connections and they helped him bamboozle the trailer park people into voting for him. Please quit using the word "snarky", you sound like a three year old. The Richard Randall Show is the Romper Room of talk radio. 9:05 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/2/17 9:03 AM

Lots of German, Polish, other Eastern European, and Hispanics peoples in our area that have legally come in to our country. Do are we still requing these same people to go through the hoops, while we usher in people from the Middle East and Hispanics. Seems like some unbalanced policy proposals. 9:02 AM
Hillary Clinton, uranium? Hmmm. 9:03 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/2/17 9:01 AM

 (1/2) It's Allison... what about Eric Holder with Fast and Furiois? Bill Clinton lied to a grand jury. Hillary lied and cheated. Now while I don't know what's 9:01 AM
 (2/2) going on yet, I must say, ... WHY WASN'T THE LEFT ASKING FOR TRUTH WHEN HILLARY WASNRUNNING!!!!???? 9:01 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/2/17 9:00 AM

Richard I hate this guy Patrick cut him off don't let him talk anymore he's a bona fide idiot with nothing to say that makes any sense. This is the biggest witch-hunt against Donald Trump's Administration since the Salem witch trials!!! Mitch. 9:00 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/2/17 8:45 AM
If Trump is going to withhold Federal money from Sanctuary cities why would I want to put that burden on my citizens. My answer would be hell no 8:45 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/1/17 9:58 AM

Rudy and his double standards. One set for Dems and another for Repubs. 9:32 AM
Dems will never admit if they agree with anything Pres Trump says or does. 9:56 AM
Turkey shot down a Russian fighter and how did they respond? 9:58 AM

Las Vegas, NV
3/1/17 9:54 AM 
Trump Nuked the Dems! He showed Americans who their Real Enemy is. ANY Democrat unwilling to work with Trump is an Enemy to the positive changes needed for OUR Nation & All American People! Democrats = Enemies of Real Change in America! For decades, we see now! 9:51 AM
Last night invoked that Spirit we all had on September 10th, 2001 and that shared American Unity felt on September 12th, 2001. Trump is 100% Correct: Nothing can defeat the United American Spirit! Nothing 9:54 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/1/17 9:52 AM 
Young women wandering in search of s role model, pls ignore Hollywood. You need look no further than Mrs. Owens, widow of fallen Navy Seal, Ryan Owens. 9:52 AM
Thank u  9:52 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/1/17 9:48 AM 
Thanks for making my mouth water with your mention of Portillo' beef sammys anywhere 9:48 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/1/17 9:40 AM 
Trump for Amnesty 2017!!!! 8:35 AM
Latino people are with Trump!!! Amnesty!!! Amnesty!!!! Amnesty!!! 8:36 AM
Richard.. first lady was bored, with stone face...she does not want that type of life. Actually, Ivanka is the one running the rol of first lady. 9:40 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/1/17 9:39 AM 
Good morning Richard I thought that speech from President Trump was a great speech I did not like the Democratic rebuttal they did not have their facts and figures so for me I need to grow up 9:33 AM
Sorry Richard last part of mine did not come out right I meant to say Democrats need to cool off 9:39 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/1/17 9:29 AM

Remind Rudy that they blamed Bush all the time, be a use he said Obama was now out of office. 9:29 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/1/17 9:28 AM

Carol here. Well Rudy here u go again. Did you complain about Obama always blaming Bush? 9:28 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/1/17 9:00 AM 
Ray here, Just get rid of liberal ideology. Problem solved. 9:00 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/1/17 8:58 AM 
RICHARD! I no u will b talkin sanctuary cities 2morrow But if u have an extra second give us where 2 start 2 knock this down and keep it down b 4 it even gets started. . . .let me change that 2 a big HELL NO!! What idiot is behind this? 8:58 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/28/17 3:46 PM 
Richard, let's talk about the amnesty Donald Trump will talk today!!!! 8:38 AM 3:45 PM
Richard.. I wrote you this morning about it. Trump will give amnesty!!! 3:46 PM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/28/17 10:35 AM 
I know you are not the air, but it frustrates me listing to this guy from Denver, saying he want to cut the Congress time by constitutional amendment. This i think is very dangerous to do have said anything about this? Sorry I have not heard your show the last couple of days. Good show!!!. George Murphy 10:35 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/28/17 9:40 AM

Richard, Please be mindful on how you speak of President Trump. This morning (and past mornings) you say "President Obama" and Donald Trump" or "Mr. Trump". You are not alone in you slips, the rest of the media do this too. Maybe our society doesn't want to recognize that President Trump is actually our President, but for you, as a fair-minded, highly effective orator, need to be mindful of this word- choice. Thanks. I love your show and am a faithful listener! 9:40 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/28/17 9:33 AM

Richard, did you know that 50% of LEGAL immigrants are on welfare? Why do we want legal immigration? 9:33 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/28/17 9:28 AM

I have not been able to see a picture of Kelly Ann Conway's shoes on the couch, as her feet are under her legs. Maybe her shoes were behind the couch. It just confirms how petty the media is being. 9:28 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/28/17 9:27 AM 
Per Conway's feet on the couch, how about Obama's feet on all of the furniture in the oval office including the President's desk. His respect for OUR WHITE HOUSE was always pathetic. OH, THAT'S RIGHT, LIBERALS CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT. 9:27 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/28/17 9:23 AM

Ms Connelly is 50 yes old. She is NOT sitting ladylike, several men in the room are trained on her not the Pres. She knows those cameras r itching to p 9:22 AM
ounce. Why give them fuel and distract from the meeting? The Trump family exemplifies decorum, humble respect and dignity. His staff shld mirror that 9:22 AM
This wasn't a casual staff meeting w/ no cameras. Always act first class when representing the President! Men r giving her a pass, many of we conser 9:23 AM
vative women r not. 9:23 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/28/17 9:20 AM 
Richard, Dems can do no wrong, and Repubs can do no right. We will have a constant criticism of Pres Trump and staff for the next 4 years. Best to get used to it and respond 'whatever' 8:49 AM
Jerry is trying to silence you because the story makes his side look bad. 9:15 AM
Jerry is not willing to take the high ground but wants to lower himself to do what he disapproved of when Obama was Pres. Very immature. 9:20 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/28/17 9:09 AM 
Richard, you really are hateful. Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of tits on parade up in Boulder but for two days you've been preaching about how ugly the woman in Boulder is. Come on, be fair, you want to talk about ugly, there is no one uglier than Kellyanne Conway! That woman is uggggly! She's as ugly as her boss is crazy. 9:09 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/28/17 9:04 AM

354 terrorist attacks in 34 countries over 2,ooo dead 3,ooo injured as of January 1 st but headline news in denver person throws rock through window of mosque not condoning it but it is lopsided 8:59 AM
My sister was offended that all women marches and all women to choose from a 60 year old white guy gets women of the year award? 9:04 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/28/17 9:01 AM
Carol here. Please call her by her correct name that Curt Schilling gave her. LIEAWATHA. 9:01 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/28/17 8:55 AM
Good Thursday Richard...Happy Mardi Gras!!! Call it what you will tonight, but do you think the Dems will show up and if they do will they sit on the floor in protest? Some of those who elected them are questioning their votes. Norm 8:46 AM
Hey it's Fat Tuesday nay Thursday😁. My bad... 8:48 AM
Rather than bring in victims...if they are illegal aliens, then take them into custody in front of the joint session and all those watching on TV 8:55 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/28/17 8:53 AM 
Mayors office costs twice as much as city manager used too. Focusing on marijuana barter vs bad management 8:53 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/28/17 8:49 AM

Of course the left Is upset with Kelly Ann's attire, in thier world women should were either pant suits or birthday suits 8:49 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/27/17 9:50 AM

WTF is wrong with you ? WTF are you bitching about? .....Falcon Dave 8:43 AM
Whose wife posed naked in handcuffs? Whose wife posed naked holding a gun? WTF are you talking about? Falcon Dave 8:56 AM
Then Mexico should back charge the US for their war with the cartels..Some of your people are really simpleminded ..Falcon Dave 9:50 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/27/17 9:31 AM 
Let's compromise. If you rank or seven or better you can go topless. The problem will take care of itself. 9:31 AM

Walsenburg, CO
2/27/17 9:23 AM 
if boss wants to see private, uh Noperz.. no way... national security , don't have personal phone with in certain places.... 9:23 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/27/17 9:17 AM

Hello Richard - I missed a few weeks so I don't know if you spoke about this story or not: 9:17 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/27/17 9:16 AM
 Richard. Former Senator Joseph McCarthy was right in 1950. Now we have to deal with Hollywood's left wing communist fakes. We are not blind ! We see the demonic left at work in education, entertainment & media. I also see how God's Word does not return void ( Isaiah 54:17 ). God has anointed President Donald Trump, because he has blessed Israel. Thank you. Robert 9:16 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/27/17 9:12 AM

Richard! 8:36 AM
Gov Hickenlooper says Feds might not be able to do anything about pot as it is part of state constition. So was amendment 43 on marriage, bv that didn't matter. 9:04 AM
Topless would be good for college enrollment of males in Ft Collins. Plus they have pot too. 9:12 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/27/17 9:11 AM
 Trump would be all for bare nipples, what's the difference between that and grabbing women by the pussies? 9:11 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/27/17 9:11 AM

Carol here. It's hard to believe women have lost do much respect for themselves. 9:11 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/27/17 8:56 AM

Happy Birthday! From Jackie. 8:56 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/27/17 8:42 AM

Hello Richard!!! We are ready for another chaos week of our America-Russian goverment!!! 8:42 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
2/27/17 8:36 AM

Good morning Richard 8:36 AM

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