Thursday, March 16, 2017


Colorado Springs, CO
3/10/17 9:50 AM

Richard. There is a simple way to pay for the improvements on I-25. Start cutting the Medicaid corruption going on & use the taxpayer savings for the new lanes. We can kill 2 birds with one stone. Did you know Medicaid pays for dentures & Medicare doesn't. Who needs dentures moe. Also let the ski industry pay for I-70 improvements. We have been "Taxed Enough Already" for that corridor. 9:50 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/10/17 9:48 AM

Is Laura Carno an adult valley girl? 9:06 AM
first us with the mostus 9:48 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/10/17 9:18 AM 
Carol here. I have listened to Michael Savage say the worst things about Kellyanne had to voice my disgust with him. Yesterday he called her a bar fly. He really never says anything good about women and I'm fed up with him. Hope he gets taken off of KVOR. 9:18 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/10/17 9:12 AM 
On Monday, ask Rep Lamborn why they did not work on a plan and have it ready on day one? 8:56 AM
Ask Lamborn why he touted all of his repeal votes while Obama was Pres, but has been silent since Trump was sworn in? Safe show votes only because he knew that they would fail? 9:01 AM
I have started to turn off the station whenever Rudy, Jerry or Steve are on. Their hypocpisy and lack of integrity is not worth the airtime. 9:12 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/10/17 9:07 AM

Where was Donald during the Yemen raid? 9:07 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/9/17 10:00 AM have said so many things that are either half-truths or just plain lies between 9:05 and 9:20 it's difficult to keep track. Do you even care about bring accurate? Falcon Dave 9:27 AM
The women who marched yesterday have accomplished their goal if they can make this the subject of your show ...Falcon Dave 10:00 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/9/17 9:46

 (1/2) Women want to be taken seriously and treated equally, so on the days they march, they focus on their body parts and "don't go shopping." Sound 9:46 AM
 (2/2) stereotypical to me. I hate to tell these women, but they can all be replaced in their jobs. They should show their true value! Yes, I am a women. 9:46 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/9/17 9:06 AM
 There's no way I could not show up to work on the "day without a woman" because I'm a stay at home mom and my poor 2yrb old would be on survival mode lol. I think its so easy for these women to selfishly act as if the world revolves around them and down playing the role of a man in our world but I think it's probably because how badly the importance of and the value of and the need for a traditional family had been downplayed within the last decade or so. How selfish would it be of me to not show up to work knowing my baby needs me and my husband is working hard to put food on our table and a roof over our head regardless of whether or not I feel that i recieve the appreciation I deserve. I wonder what these feminists responses would be to the result of what a true day with out a man would be! My husband is my partner and we both need each other equally just in different ways. 9:06 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/9/17 9:00 AM

Hi Richard. I listen daily. Of course women are important.How about a day without MEN? The world would grind to a halt. Thanks, listener Dave (and 2 dogs) 9:00 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/9/17 8:57 AM

Richard. American women need to count their blessings of human dignity given to them by the Judeo-Christian Kingdom & fight against the curses of communism & Sharia Law. The main reason left wing men support left wing perversion, is because it threatens their sexual mores ( Kinsey & Darwin ). 8:57

Colorado Springs, CO
3/9/17 8:54 AM

No call no show should equate to no job! No matter who pulls that irresponsible shenanigan! 8:54 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/8/17 10:00 AM

Richard, why does Springs Utilities advertise? They are a monopoly. If I hear another "That's How We're All Connected" commercial, I will go crazy! I think it is a waste of public funds! 10:00 AM

San Diego, CA
3/8/17 9:54

My name is Nick 9:50 AM
Richard, I have been trying to get ahold on phone. This question is about storm water. Why don't we try to make a state lake out east with the storm water but having a facility to clean up the water. But the people of spring will benefit as well as having people spend money for recreation. It gets old having to drive an hour or more to fish. Thanks 9:53 AM
The people could pay a portion of it by paying a fee, like other state lakes or parks 9:54 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/8/17 9:43 AM

The city screwed up Research. When are they going to fix it? 9:43 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/8/17 9:30 AM

I would like to know how come there isn't an ordinance set up that fines drivers from making those transactions from vehicle to pedestrians. If you want to give someone money you should have to park your car and get out to hand someone anything. 9:30 AM

Fort Lupton, CO
3/8/17 9:29 AM

My name is Ann on the homeless issue - I ride my bike a lot in the summer. To get to the Pikes Peak trail i often need to go through the park off Bijou 9:27 AM
And i am very uncomfortable doing so most early mornings and avoid it if I can. I hate that I pay the taxes for that space but am forced away so these non tax payers monopolize it 9:29 AM
Mayor Suthers is there anything that can be done? 9:29 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/8/17 9:28 AM

Cannot hear the Mayor on the radio voice is to distant 9:28 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/8/17 9:10 AM

Richard/Tom. A recent police article identifies corruption and lack of transparency in city is an issue. The mayor does not require management to follow his own Policy manual. His office costs twice what city manager used to cost and we were sold a bill of goods that it would save us money. He needs to drain his swamp and man up. We want him to be great for all of us. 9:10 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/8/17 8:55 AM

Today is Randy 71 st birthday 8:55 AM

Honolulu, HI
3/7/17 9:54 AM

Changing a person's political affiliation is next to impossible. Like religion...people have to comprehend the change by themselves.  9:54 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/7/17 9:50 AM

Jerry is a delusional, ignorant liberal! Blind like the rest of his ilk! BHO hands down the most divisive and poor president EVER! 9:50 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/7/17 9:47 AM

Good morning Richard. Her is a ? for all the your deceived traditional Democrat listeners. Would you be better off living under Communism & / or Shariah Law. Or would they be better off living under a Judeo-Christian,conservative,capitalist & U.S. Constitutional government? " Love it or leave it !" Robert. 9:46 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/7/17 9:27 AM

I'm sorry Richard but you would cost the American taxpayer extra money so that you can have more dialogue? 9:27 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/7/17 9:24 AM

Carol here. CNN has V.D. viral deception. Thank you Milo. 9:24 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/7/17 9:06 AM

Richard, as Republicans we loves belic conflicts!! We do a lot of money with them!!! Do not make complaint!@! 8:45 AM
Richard, of course the illegal immigrants deserve health cover!!! Please reas article 25 of the United Nations!!! 9:05 AM
As immigrants if we make rich to employeers, we deserve we got health care period!!! 9:06 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/7/17 9:03 AM

You are dead wrong on this one ..The Flynn phone call was tapped from the other end. Letterman is joking..Conservatives are so dense they don't know s joke when they here one ..Falcon Dave 9:03 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/7/17 9:03 AM

You are seeing a bunch of people going into CYA mode, starting with the liberal media who started this with their reporting of wire taps and FISA warrents. 8:54 AM
So happy Letterman and others are anti gun. 8:58 AM
Fed laws require Flynn part of conversation be redacted if he was not the subject of wiretap. Privacy provisions in the law. 9:03 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/7/17 8:58 AM

Richard, If the liberals are denying that Obama had surveillance on President Trump, where do they think the information came out on General Flynn 8:58 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/6/17 2:47 PM 
Hello Richard, I am reaching out to see what you know about the status of 2C and our roads? I am unhappy with the speed of repair around town. Some roads are downright awful. Take Pikes Peak Ave just north of memorial park as an example. Thanks for keeping us informed. 2:47 PM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/6/17 10:02 AM

Richard, Mark Levin laid out a perfect case against the Obama administration on tapping Trump Towers. He quotes the British and U.S. Papers. It's beautiful to see becos mr Levin has worked in the White House chief of staff to AG Meese. 10:02 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/6/17 9:49 AM

Carol here. I have to wonder how many people are in the Obama CULT that are living in the W.H. 8:42 AM
Carol again. I sent that congressman a tweet and told him he was a racist pig. No reply. 9:26 AM
Carol again. Please give his name. Cedric Richmond. 9:49 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/6/17 9:44 AM

Hi Richard, Just heard that President Trump just signed the new Travel Ban. 9:44 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/6/17 9:38 AM

We are only guessing at this time because some are saying no proof others saying very possible and said won't be made public. My concern is that indeed there was wire tapping and the truth will once again be covered up. Evety day I loose alittle more expectancy from the republicans in office. 9:19 AM
Why is it that there will be investigations into only what serves the liberals and not necessary when it is convenient to their agenda. The republicans will never be in a better position then they are now. If it happened then get it out and deal with it with the power they have. Why keep playing around being on the big D and reactive to the left. We are loosing fast again with what ever in the world kerps the republicans just standing back. Just mind boggling or is it. We the people have to fight fight fight. No rest for the weary. 9:30 AM
We are in a war in this country. How will it be won and who will be the winner. Having Trump elected has only made the horrible truth of washington more in the open but any easier to win. 9:37 AM
Geez my husband and I are trying to decide if we are paying the Obama Care fine this year. Are we stupid to pay it or stupid to not. The million dollar question for us right now. 9:38 AM

Crestview, FL
3/6/17 9:37 AM

Richard, I don't put anything past any politician! The corruption runs deep on both sides. That's why the term limits convention is so important. Please tell your listeners about Thursday, March 9 on the steps of the State Capitol to put term limits on Congress and stop a lot of Washington corruption! 9:35 AM
Btw this is Andrea from Monument. 9:37 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/6/17 9:35 AM

Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Tea party attacked by IRS, 300,000 spent to defeat Bebe in Israel, allowing PP to sell baby body parts, Iran nuke deal, and lots more! I have no doubt at all Obama wire tapped Pres Trump! 9:35 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/6/17 9:34 AM

Certainly wire taps would be in 1st chapter of "Chicago Politics 101!" 9:34 AM

Arvada, CO
3/6/17 9:30 AM

This wiretapping issue will either show 1) the fake news of the NYT and other liberal rags, 2) the truth of the wiretapping and the administration hiding behind the legitimate purposes of it. Where they will get caught is why and how did Hillary find out about it. As evidenced by her email revealed by Wikileaks. 9:30 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/6/17 9:27 AM

Obama as head of Executive Branch is responsible for what goes on and what he does not try to stop. Just like companies being sued and fined for what employees do. 9:00 AM
Obama put people in positions that will do these things without having to be told. Plausable denyability. 9:27 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/6/17 9:00 AM

Richard, at first I thought that your intelligence was slipping. After listening to you for the past ten minutes I have to rethink that,,, it must be completely gone. You really believe t b with orange fool in the white house when he claims PRESIDENT Obama had his hotel tapped? What else can this buffoon come up with? No proof or evidence what so ever, just a smoke screen to take attention away from his underhanded dealings as he pushes forward with his pathetic attempt at fascism. 9:00 AM

Honolulu, HI
3/6/17 8:56 AM

There is no proof President 8:55 AM
Trump did anything wrong... 8:56 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/6/17 8:45 AM

Richard. Regarding corruption and lack of transparency in city, I have been telling you that the mayors office is not handling employee matters honestly because he does not require management to follow his own Policy manual. Destroys lives of some good employees. He needs to drain his swamp and man up. 8:45 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/6/17 8:29 AM

Found out this morning that the Board of Water Works in Pueblo raised their sewer rates by 13% for 2017! Utility companies are killing the poor people of Pueblo. How do we get them to stop? 8:25 AM

Costs twice as much to get rid of it as it does to use it! 8:29 AM

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