Monday, March 27, 2017


Colorado Springs, CO
3/17/17 9:59 AM

Good job, Mark! You bring the fun and feisty out in Richard! Richard good plug for Denver Post. I'll look it up. 9:43 AM
Mark, Mark, prejudice (or "singling out") is simply ignorance. However, the more I find out about Islam the more I know they are trying to destroy "infidels" like you or Christians like me 9:59 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/17/17 9:58 AM 
Hi Richard, I like the Celtic Women. Their version of Amazing Grace accompanied by bagpipes is awesome. 9:58 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/17/17 9:51 AM

Richard shout out the brave Irish fighters called the San Patricio's who fought with the Mexican army during the Mexican American war !!!! There is a song that tells the whole story .....San patricios bybthe street dogs ... 9:51 AM

Northbrook, IL
3/17/17 9:48 AM

The language of Islam is not 'Muslim'. It's Arabic. 8:57 AM
Can you remind Patrick that the KKK was born of the Democratic Party. 9:48 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/17/17 9:48 AM 
Bear McCreary for Scottish music. The Scots distrust the Irish as sneaky drunken sods, but they dislike the Brits even more. We were thrilled when the DNA test from revealed that our son-in-law was NOT Irish. 9:48 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/17/17 9:46 AM

Richard, best corned beef and Irish feast is at our house. My husband and I throw a big celebration with three tables of food plus a drink station and just about every time in history from WWII is here. We even have a lady who remembers the bombing in London and another from the former Soviet Union. We always say the more the merrier so if you want to join us and visit with some of the sheriffs departments finest, come on by. We start at 6 and go till the leprechauns all go home. Ps only 2 liberals will be here and my corned beef is tender and then covered in a carmelized glaze. Let me know if you would like to join us and I'll send the address 8:51 AM
The snakes he drove out were the Druid priests and the pagan religion 9:27 AM
Watch disneys Darby O'Gill and the little people. Sean Connery sings in it 9:30 AM
Also watch Brooklyn it is about an Irish immigrant after WWII 9:46 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/17/17 9:44 AM 
Enya 9:44 AM

Arvada, CO
3/17/17 9:43 AM 
The big difference between Obama and Trump narcissism is that Trump has the real accomplishments to back it. Obama was an absentee state legislator, a one term empty suit US Senator and a President whose modest accomplishments are being unraveled to a footnote in US history. 9:26 AM
Everybody seems to not recognize that ever since Trump's tweet on the wiretap the focus on Session and Russia has been forgotten. 9:43 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/17/17 9:41 AM

If Obama were inclined to "wire tap" Trump, do you really think he would do it through legal channels? 9:41 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/17/17 9:34 AM

Trump's narcissism is based on accomplishments. Obama's is rooted in his presumed moral superiority. 9:34 AM
Crestview, FL
3/17/17 9:32 AM 
Good morning and happy St. Patrick's Day Richard. Worst president and most narcissistic award goes to Barack Hussein Obama because he doubled our deficit leaving us at a higher national security risk and a mess for our kids to deal with. There is no escaping that! A close second would be Woodrow Wilson. Best Irish music… Pleasant and Delightful by Kick up the Dust. Cheers, Andrea from Monument. 9:32 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/17/17 9:32 AM

Cabbage solution: cabbage with BACON is awesome! (But then why not just do the bacon :) ) 9:31 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/17/17 9:30 AM 
Apparently Mark has forgotten about all of Obama's speeches were he mentioned "I" 70, 80, 90 times. He even mentioned "I" when he was campaigning for Hillary. 9:30 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/17/17 9:14 AM

Carol here. So your like a Mormon. I was married to one. Drank, smoked, beat his wife and cheated on her "me". 9:14 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/17/17 9:06 AM

Richard, I am of Irish decent which is why my parents named me Maureen. Learned a fun song in 6th Grade called "If You're Irish, Come Into the Parlor." Have it playing on my computer at work during breaks on your show! Happy St. Patrick's Day ! 9:06 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/17/17 8:56 AM

Rory Gallagher, million miles away. The best Irish artist. Most underrated except by Jimi Hendrix . Who said in an interview, you'll have to ask Rory about being the best Guitar player in the world 8:56 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/17/17 8:54 AM

Bump music: Savage uses Metalica and Judas Priest. Levin has Linkin Park. 8:44 AM
Jack Quinns for corned beef. Just tell them no cabbage. 8:46 AM
Irish music: The Elders from KC. Playing at stargazers tomorrow. 8:54 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/17/17 8:45 AM

The greatest Irish musician ..Van Morrison. The greatest Irish band ..U2...Falcon Dave 8:45 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/17/17 8:41 AM

Hey Richard, 99.999% of dogs are probably a lot cleaner than you. You need to get over yourself. You conservatives really take the cake. Now on with the "liking trump's boots" show. 8:41 AM

Nashville, TN
3/16/17 10:23 AM 10:07 AM
Richard I was listening to your show when the caller , called in about a immigration law, I believe it's the mcaran walter act of 1952. Why does trump even a knowledge these judges rulings if it potentially opens the door to Americans being becoming targets, I don't understand this. My job is to neutralize the threats of the enemy, not have a open door policy for them. Liberalism is our true threat in this case. 10:23 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/16/17 9:51 AM

T h e   I m m i g r a t i o n a n d N a t i o n a l i t y A c t   o f 1 9 5 2 ( P u b . L . 8 2 4 1 4 , 6 6   S t a t. 163, enacted June 27, 1952), also known as the McCarran–Walter Act, restricted immigration into the U.S. and is codified under Title 8 of the United States Code (8 U.S.C. ch. 12 9:51 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/16/17 9:50 AM

Richard, how about half the judges in America serve on "The Bench of Deplorables." Maureen 9:50 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/16/17 9:38 AM

Carol here. Remember when some liberal reporter said on t.v. that Obama had to step down lower to be the president. I didn't know you stepped down from nothing. PRESIDENT TRUMP stepped down and he and we just keep winning. Luv it. 9:38 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/16/17 9:34 AM

If trump said the moon was made of green cheese would you believe him? Conservatives are just as pathetic as liberals. 9:34 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/16/17 9:33 AM

Hi Richard, I'm a daily listener. Ms Carnot? doesn't disclose in her KVOR ads that she doesn't live in the Springs. If I buy a pack of gum in Denver I'm entitled to my opinion but that's all. Also the difference is that we all live in and pay taxes to El Paso County. She may pay a few $ taxes to Colo Spgs (notice she excluded big ticket items) but that's different than being a resident. Listener Dave and 2 dogs. Take care! 9:33 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/16/17 9:16 AM

I missed the first part of your program. Working. Did your guest address the false statement that the City employee medical clinic is free? 9:16 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/16/17 9:14 AM

If Laura wants to run the city she should run for city council ..Falcon Dave 9:14 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/16/17 9:07 AM

Richard/The mayor is no longer a fair person and uses his office to bully people. His office costs nearly double what the city manager office used to cost. The costs are hidden in other budgets. We were sold that the strong mayor would reduce costs. He has become power mad and people are afraid to say anything because he will use office against as he did with keith king on the museum. You cant call it leadership when he spends money like it was his. 9:07 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/16/17 9:03 AM

Richard are you going to attend the Sen Bennet town hall happening today at the Tesla education center from 11:30 to 12:30? 9:03 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/16/17 8:46 AM

Can you explain issue 1 in the ballot. I am not sure what the pros and cons are on this one. 8:46 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/15/17 11:06 PM 
Jeff...check out Rachel Maddow in college. Lol!! 11:05 PM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/15/17 10:01 AM

Without AMT Trump would have only paid 4 million tax...Falcon Dave 9:27 AM
And nothing paid in taxes. zero, zip, none, nada.....yet you bitch about someone else paying $38 million in taxes. Hypocrite. 10:00 AM
My income isn't taxable 10:01 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/15/17 9:54 AM

What about Sheryl Atkinson! 9:54 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/15/17 9:49 AM

I can hardly wait to hear Rudy's situational ethics comment. 8:46 AM
Communist always say prove your innocence vs presumed innocent as in Constitution. 8:54 AM
No law to require tax release. It started to show elected officials where not getting rich on the job. Trump was never an elected official. 8:58 AM
Hypocrisy is a badge of honor for liberals. 9:49 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/15/17 9:37 AM

Justice department did not tap journalists phone. It requested phone records, and in Rosen's case, they traced it. Big difference between tapping, tracing and requesting records. (And that's really classy, asking if Maddow is a guy.) 9:37 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/15/17 9:33 AM

There is an ad running on your station that is falsely accusing the Mayor of providing a free employee medical clinic. First of all, the medical clinic has been in place since before we had a strong mayor. Second, it's fact that there is a copay and the clinic bills our insurance plan just like a regular doctor. Most of us have to use a plan that has a $1500 deductible. Please correct this false ad or ask to pull it because her website shows you support her. City employees have taken many hits on our benefits since 2008 and we don't need false stories creating more bad feelings with the public we serve. 8:27 AM
And thank you for listening to what I have to say. 9:24 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/15/17 9:14 AM

Perhaps this a way to find one of several leaks 9:08 AM
Rudy is the puppet of liberalism 9:10 AM
That's right tell em Jeff! 9:14 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/15/17 8:53 AM

Rachel was trumped. Lee 8:53 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/14/17 10:00 AM

Richard & Congressman. Can there be incentives for those who take care of their bodies & penalties ( lose Medicaid ) for those who drink booze, smoke & do drugs. Also, can you help to get back the $750 billon stolen by B.O. from Medicare to fund Medicaid. Thanks. 10:00 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/14/17 9:56 AM

Please ask the congressman if he believes climate change is man made. 9:56 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/14/17 9:56 AM

Richard, the hispanic radio listeners miss you yesterday !!! Good Bless you!!! 8:39 AM
Richard, as hispanic. I would like to know where Congressman stand in Sanctuary City in the State? 9:56 AM

Walsenburg, CO
3/14/17 9:55 AM 
great video shows global warming farce, YouTube- the great global warming swindle.. don't know of a one page, maybe all the quoted tragedies that have not happened 9:55 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/14/17 9:50 AM

Carol here. Just turned on my radio. Doug, if u voted 62 times to repeal Obamacare why wasn't there something ready to put in its place. This is ridiculous. And I could care less what Paul Ryan says. He's a mistake. 9:12 AM
Carol again. Keep tweeting President TRUMP. 9:50 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/14/17 9:40 AM

Richard, can you ask Congressman Lamborn if congress is going to pass a 2A rights bill to override any individual state attacks against the 2A? 9:40 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/14/17 9:22 AM

Dear Congressman Lamborn: 1 please tell POTUS be much more careful with tweets. 2 ensure that it starts with a repeal. 3 the replace should be very light, very simple, rely on capitalism & competition. 9:22 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/14/17 9:16 AM

I am concerned about the possibility of cutting funds to the Coast Guard. If we build a wall, won't the illegals resort to coming in by water? A cut would seem counterintuitive. Please comment. Liz 9:16 AM

Honolulu, HI
3/14/17 9:12 AM

For Congress L, the VA is "socialized" medicine. Plz help pass legislation to make sure our medical systems remains competitive & in an open market which is 9:12 AM
the best for all. 9:12 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/14/17 9:00 AM

Ask Rep Lamborn why they did not work on a healthcare plan and have it ready on day one? 8:52 AM
Ask Lamborn why he touted all of his repeal votes while Obama was Pres, but has been silent since Trump was sworn in? Safe show votes only because he knew that they would fail? 8:53 AM
Congressman, can I just buy a plan to only cover catastrophic care if I choose? If so, where can I buy one? 8:56 AM
Congressman, would you vote against Ryan and Pres Trump on healthcare if the people in the district desire it? 9:00 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/14/17 8:50 AM 
I would like to ask the congressman how many more terms he plans to spend as our representative. 8:50 AM

Honolulu, HI
3/13/17 10:00 AM

Barely hear program in Falcon since 0850ish. Bad signal. Vr, Dan 10:00 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/13/17 9:52 AM

All I'm hearing out here is dead air 9:52 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/13/17 9:45 AM

What happened? 9:45 AM

Cincinnati, OH
3/13/17 9:42 AM

I listen from Playa Zancudo Coasta Rica. 9:41 AM
My name is Brian and I lived the Springs last year and use iheart radio 9:42 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/13/17 9:27 AM

Listening on iHeartRadio! 9:27 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/13/17 9:26 AM

Richard, Are you sure it isn't the Russians....they can take out transmitters too - ha LOL😊 9:25 AM
Richard - listening to you via a music/radio app. Glad I have it - hate to miss your show. 9:26 AM

Colorado Springs, CO
3/13/17 8:59 AM

What's going on, did PRESIDENT OBAMA tap your signal? 8:59 AM

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